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Java Revisited

In quite an interesting turn of events this week, a Java application I wrote two years ago so impressed the company to which it was being presented that they want to buy it. Since this application also represented more or less the last line of Java code I've written before switching to a position where I do ColdFusion full time, I decided I better invest in the latest Java books and see what I need to do to update the application to modern Java standards. The results were actually an extremely pleasant surprise.

Java has changed quite a bit since I was last using it regularly, particularly in the arena of Java web application programming. Most notably is the addition of the the JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL), which was designed in order to take a lot of common tasks that used to be a headache in JSP and encapsulate them into easy-to-use tags. (Sounding familiar?) I'm also pretty interested in the JSTL because you can now use Java tag libraries in ColdFusion, so I wa…

Further Clarification: Mach-II in a Shared Hosting Environment

A few more details came to light from a discussion on the Fusebox Forums, and thanks to Sean Corfield as usual for clarifying things.
To summarize, what the MACHII_APP_KEY variable does is sets the key in the Application scope struct that stores the data. In my case the issue I was seeing related to MACHII_APP_KEY was because I had installed the sample applications from the Mach-II site, and apparently others on my server had done the same thing, because unless I explicitly changed MACHII_APP_KEY to something other than the default (which just gets the path dynamically), it was apparently attempting to tap into someone else's key. Specifically I was seeing errors related to the application not being able to find MachII.framework.* CFCs, even though my copy of the Mach-II no longer has the default MachII.* calls anywhere in it.
The long and short of all of this is that in a shared environment you need to be careful about how you name your directories in your Mach-II appl…

Mach-II in Shared Hosting Environments

It was bound to happen sooner or later--my next side project with Mach-II is going to live in a shared hosting environment, so I decided to do some preliminary work getting things up and running before the project really gets rolling. Up until this point I've been doing Mach-II work for i2 on dedicated servers, so I haven't had to worry about how CFMX finds the CFCs.

I personally felt that my hosting account with HostMySite was a little limiting (no ability to create my own mappings, for example, although they're happy to do it for you), so since my account with them was coming up for renewal anyway, I decided to try CrystalTech since I'd heard so many other CF developers say they were happy with them.
Please note that I'm a big fan of HostMySite in general--they have great tech support and I will continue to heartily recommend them to clients; I personally just wanted to try something different and liked the idea that CrystalTech let me set up my own mappi…

Mach-II Presentation

Here's the presentation I gave at the Dallas-Fort Worth ColdFusion User Group meeting last night, in either Keynote or PowerPoint format. If you look it over and have any questions, please feel free to send me an e-mail.

Download this file

Two Mach-II Projects Down, Many To Go ...

After completing two relatively involved projects using the Mach-II Framework, I'm even more impressed with it than I was initially. Many, many of the old headaches that usually accompany large projects simply no longer exist in Mach-II projects, and maintenance is a breeze. I just had to add quite a bit of back-end administrator functionality to the Radica Games site and it went more quickly and more smoothly than practically any project I've worked on.
I also just completed a rebuild of the i2 Careers site in Mach-II. This eliminated an expensive outside contract (and I mean EXPENSIVE ...), and required a fair amount of functionality to be built in a short amount of time (what's new?), so it was probably a little ambitious of me to take this on as my second Mach-II project. I'm either brave or stupid depending who you ask, so I boldly charged ahead with it, and everything came together without a single hitch. This project probably had a fair amount of shifti…