Sunday, February 8, 2004

Two Mach-II Projects Down, Many To Go ...

After completing two relatively involved projects using the Mach-II Framework, I'm even more impressed with it than I was initially. Many, many of the old headaches that usually accompany large projects simply no longer exist in Mach-II projects, and maintenance is a breeze. I just had to add quite a bit of back-end administrator functionality to the Radica Games site and it went more quickly and more smoothly than practically any project I've worked on.

I also just completed a rebuild of the i2 Careers site in Mach-II. This eliminated an expensive outside contract (and I mean EXPENSIVE ...), and required a fair amount of functionality to be built in a short amount of time (what's new?), so it was probably a little ambitious of me to take this on as my second Mach-II project. I'm either brave or stupid depending who you ask, so I boldly charged ahead with it, and everything came together without a single hitch. This project probably had a fair amount of shifting requirements to add to the quick turnaround, so Mach-II really saved my behind in a lot of ways. Requirements changes that previously would have been a complete disaster were comically easy with Mach-II.

Given these great experiences I can definitely say that I'll be using Mach-II whenever I possibly can. At i2 I'll be doing the intranet and investor relations sites (another expensive outside contract eliminated!) in Mach-II, and the i2 User Group site and a rework of are coming up next.

At some point I'm going to try and get more technical on this blog, share my thoughts and what I've learned, etc., but honestly right now I have too many projects on my plate to elaborate much further. I am giving a presentation on Mach-II at the Dallas-Fort Worth ColdFusion User Group meeting on February 10, so once I get that completed I'll put my Keynote presentation up here (I'll put up a PowerPoint version or something else for you unenlightened Windows folks ...) and hopefully that will get more people excited about what I think is a truly great application framework. Particularly if you're already doing a lot with CFCs, you owe it to yourself to check out Mach-II (and if you're not doing a lot with CFCs, why not?). The learning curve is pretty low and I think you'll find yourself being more productive and tearing out a lot less hair than you probably have in the past.

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