Wednesday, March 3, 2004

BlueDragon 6.1

I'm VERY excited at the prospects for the next BlueDragon release. BlueDragon is a CFML engine that soon will be largely CFMX compatible, but it will run on the Mac and a production version is available FOR FREE!


Not only does this mean that I can potentially run a supported version of a CFML engine on the Mac, but we may very soon have an excellent alternative for the constant argument we all hear against CF: "Why would I use CF when ASP | .NET | PHP | JSP | Perl | etc. is free?" As CF programmers we all know that the small cost of CF server is a drop in the bucket compared to the huge benefits and savings on development time, but many companies look only at the price tag. I am keeping my fingers crossed that soon we can talk benefits AND price where needed.

The free-for-production version is supposed to be largely CFMX compatible. The only things missing are (again supposedly--nothing is definite yet) basically related to JSP/J2EE support and a more limited selection of databases. What this means to me is that when cost isn't an issue, CFMX or the "non-free" version of BlueDragon might be a better choice, but with CFCs, XML, and web services all supposedly available in the free version of BlueDragon, I think this is a big, big deal.

Most importantly, it'll run on a Mac! ;-)

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