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Getting Back Into Music

Well, I finally broke down and bought a pretty cool m-audio MIDI controller tonight. This all started when I got asked to sub on a gig for my friend's band by starlight and I realized I didn't even own a decent keyboard anymore. Being a full-fledged geek now I decided to go the MIDI controller and software synth route, which should be pretty sweet once I get the B4 and Elektrik Piano sounds from Native Instruments. AMAZING sounds and with the controller I got you can pretty much do anything with these sounds. Who needs tons of gear to lug around? The controller and my PowerBook are all I need!

BlueDragon 6.1 Released!

The other cool announcement at CFUN was that BlueDragon 6.1 has officially been released. You're probably getting sick of me talking about it, but it's an alternative CFML engine, it's virtually 100% CFMX compatible, and they have a version that you can use free in production. I think making CFML less proprietary is a great, great thing, so check it out when you have a chance!
So how does BD compare in pricing. I agree that the less proprietary, the better. ASP (in my opinion) is only the size it is because the server engine is built into the Windows servers.
Posted by Jake @ 4/17/07 3:04 PM

Well, the free version is of course free (yes, that's free for production), and it's really only lacking a few features that most people don't need (e.g. ability to include JSPs in your CFML pages, some of the tags New Atlanta added to the language like cfforward, cfimage, etc.). The JX version has great Java interoperability and a few nice new tags added by n…

CFUN 6: XSLT for Data Manipulation

April Fleming (of the Department of Defense I believe) gave this presentation, and I was glad (albeit a bit surprised) to see a packed house for this session. She had some really good tips for those unfamiliar with XSLT and I got the sense that a lot of people left the session anxious to try this stuff out on their own.

For those of you not aware, XSLT provides an extremely powerful and flexible way to manipulate XML data, not only by taking the data and transforming it into the data structure you actually want, but XSLT can be used to transform data for display on CFML pages as well. I'm working on a project right now that uses a lot of XML data, and even though I had worked a bit with XSLT before, I was reminded through this project of just how powerful (and fast!) working with XSLT really is.
Although the information April presented was great, I was a bit surprised that she was using Microsoft's XML Parser as opposed to using the tools built into CFMX (BlueDragon…

CFUN 2: Deploying CFML on J2EE - Opportunities and Challenges

This session was given by Charlie Arehart of New Atlanta, makers of Blue Dragon, which if you aren't aware is an alternative engine for running CFML. It's largely CFMX compatible and they have an extremely capable free version for use in production (YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT!!), so you really should check it out. I tested the betas of both the free and JX versions pretty extensively, and the folks from New Atlanta offered fantastic support throughout the beta. The final version was announced at CFUN so go download it! (It runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, and they also have a J2EE version.)

Although I had investigated and done some experimentation with deploying CFML apps on J2EE before, Charlie's talk reminded me why I need to revisit this experimentation and probably put it into practice. First and foremost, if your company is mandating that you need to move to J2EE (or .NET for that matter--there will soon be a version of BlueDragon that will allow for CF…

CFUN 1: Forta on Blackstone

I wound up with a HUGE document when I summarized most of the sessions I attended at CFUN, so rather than having one large post that no one will read, I'll have several large posts that no one will read! ;-) Some very cool stuff about Blackstone was covered by Ben Forta at CFUN this year, so read on for more ...

nce it sounds like we aren't going to be doing the Breeze presentation of Ben Forta's Blackstone (CF 7) tour on 7/8, I thought I'd take a moment and summarize the new features he revealed today at his keynote presentation. Some were things we already knew about but he gave a lot more detail, and one item was revealed for the first time at CFUN and won't be discussed during the rest of his UG tour (although he specifically said we were allowed to spread the word). I know there were a couple of other guys from our UG at CFUN so I'm sure they or I will be happy to discuss more details at our next meeting. (I also ran into a couple of folks from…

CFUN 04: If You Weren't Here, You Shoulda Been!

CFUN 04 ended today and as usual it was a FANTASTIC conference. I'm really invigorated after hearing so many great presentations and interacting with so many other passionate CFers. I'll post more later about specific sessions, but I took tons of notes and I'm happy to share those as well as information/thoughts about the conference and the topics covered. If you didn't make it this year, you absolutely need to make plans now to go next year. The conference jumped from about 350 people last year to about 570 this year, but it still had a nice small, tightly-knit feeling and everyone was extremely willing to talk and share ideas (as well as free beer--thanks Room 140!). This is by far the most CF information you can get in one weekend and the best place to network with other CFers. I can't recommend it enough!