Monday, June 28, 2004

BlueDragon 6.1 Released!

The other cool announcement at CFUN was that BlueDragon 6.1 has officially been released. You're probably getting sick of me talking about it, but it's an alternative CFML engine, it's virtually 100% CFMX compatible, and they have a version that you can use free in production. I think making CFML less proprietary is a great, great thing, so check it out when you have a chance!


So how does BD compare in pricing. I agree that the less proprietary, the better. ASP (in my opinion) is only the size it is because the server engine is built into the Windows servers.

Well, the free version is of course free (yes, that's free for production), and it's really only lacking a few features that most people don't need (e.g. ability to include JSPs in your CFML pages, some of the tags New Atlanta added to the language like cfforward, cfimage, etc.). The JX version has great Java interoperability and a few nice new tags added by new Atlanta, and it's $899. Their J2EE version is far better in terms of deloyment size (9 MB vs. 77 MB for CFMX) as well as ease of deployment on J2EE servers, and it starts at $2499 per CPU. BD really got J2EE deployment right. It's still a pain on CFMX (but this will change with Blackstone). If you're curious, definitely download an eval version from and check things out. The free version is extremely capable, and hey, it's free! New Atlanta also has excellent compatibility documentation that spells out very clearly the few things that are different between CFMX and BlueDragon.

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