Monday, June 28, 2004

CFUN 6: XSLT for Data Manipulation

April Fleming (of the Department of Defense I believe) gave this presentation, and I was glad (albeit a bit surprised) to see a packed house for this session. She had some really good tips for those unfamiliar with XSLT and I got the sense that a lot of people left the session anxious to try this stuff out on their own.


For those of you not aware, XSLT provides an extremely powerful and flexible way to manipulate XML data, not only by taking the data and transforming it into the data structure you actually want, but XSLT can be used to transform data for display on CFML pages as well. I'm working on a project right now that uses a lot of XML data, and even though I had worked a bit with XSLT before, I was reminded through this project of just how powerful (and fast!) working with XSLT really is.

Although the information April presented was great, I was a bit surprised that she was using Microsoft's XML Parser as opposed to using the tools built into CFMX (BlueDragon has great XML/XSL support as well). She created COM objects in CF and used those to do her XML/XSL processing. I think she said she's on CF5, so I was guilty of using MSXML when I was on CF 5 as well.

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