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Showing posts from July, 2004

Defending ColdFusion Against Java

Ben Forta has some great thoughts on defending ColdFusion against Java in his blog today:
I think the major point (in my mind at least) is that when people posit this as an either/or proposition, there's obviously a misunderstanding of the relationship between CF and Java (and fundamentally what CF is, for that matter). Great ammo if you're in one of these arguments.

Interesting OO Article

Hal Helms has an article in the latest MXDJ entitled "An OO Approach to War." He's referring specifically to the card game, not the current geopolitical mess perpetrated by Our Fearless Leader(tm). It's an interesting read and falls in line (as usual) with much of what I always preach--learn OO if you don't know it. It will make your life and your programs better!

BlueDragon for .NET Preview Available

More good news for CFML--New Atlanta just announced that a technology preview of BlueDragon for .NET is available. Now not only can CFML applications be deployed on J2EE servers, but CFML can run natively in .NET as well. I'm particularly interested to check out the integration between some of the nice .NET controls (e.g. the calendar control) and CFML. At any rate, I think this is another great thing New Atlanta has done for CFML. Removing barriers to its use and allowing for interactivity with the other giants of the application server world gives us as CFML developers a lot more options.

PHP 5: Evolutionary or Revolutionary?

The July 2004 issue of Linux World contains an article entitled "PHP 5: Evolutionary or Revolutionary?" Since I've built several applications in PHP, I was curious to see what has changed and whether or not it truly is revolutionary. The leap from PHP 3 was indeed a large one and with it came huge performance and stability improvements. The other thing this got me thinking about is whether or not their "revolutionary" features are revolutionary in comparison to my technology of choice, ColdFusion.

According to NetCraft, PHP is now installed on over 15 million domains, so it's by no means the little-known scripting language it once was. It's especially popular amongst the open-source crowd, and it's more or less the technology of choice if you're doing web development on Linux with MySQL. I actually like PHP--it's quite powerful, has an impressive library of functions built in, and is pretty quick to develop with. I definitely don…