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ColdFusion/Java Hybrid Application - Proof of Concept

I completed a very simple real estate listing application that I think serves as a decent proof of concept for combining ColdFusion and Java within the Mach-II framework. If you're interested you can download the zip file here.

Overall this was a really interesting exercise, and I sent the link out to the Mach-II list on Topica, so I'll be curious to see what others think. The Java code is far from stellar since my Java's pretty rusty at this point, and I only spent about a day on the whole thing, so while it's not spectacular, it works and was fun to put together. Quite honestly I ran into fewer issues than I thought I would.
The natural break point in my mind between Java and CF in a Mach-II application is that the Listeners need to stay as CFCs. Once you start monkeying with those you're looking at modifying the Mach-II framework code, which I wanted to avoid. The bean objects and the DAOs and Gateways all seem to work fairly well in Java. Not being ab…

ColdFusion/Java Hybrid Applications

I'm in the middle of working through building a hybrid CF/Java application within the Mach-II framework. My motivation for doing this is that there have started to be some rumblings at my company that we may be moving to Java as a company-wide standard, and since I'm in the middle of modifying an existing application and have a bunch of new ones on deck, I thought this was a good opportunity to investigate some integration possibilities. I'll post what I find here. So far so good--I have the bean CFCs converted and am doing my first DAO now.