Wednesday, February 9, 2005

CFC-101: An Introduction to OOP in CFMX

Here's a presentation (and the accompanying little application I built) that I gave to the Dallas/Fort Worth ColdFusion User Group last night. We had a good turnout and a lot of people are wanting to get into OOP in ColdFusion, so this is highly encouraging.

Caveats on the app:

  • It uses the new cfgrid and cfform in CFMX 7, so you'll have to run it on CFMX 7

  • The "Cancel" and "Delete" buttons on the cfforms don't do anything yet because I didn't have time prior to the presentation to figure out how to use the onClick ActionScript stuff

  • I cranked it out pretty quickly--a.k.a. "Standard Disclaimer" ;-)

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated. If you have questions, see something weird, think something could be explained better, etc. please feel free to let me know. That's how we're all going to learn this stuff and make every app we write in CFMX 7 OO!


Sorry, I forgot to put the database script in the application zip. I'll repost another one later today.

Matt, this is great stuff. I've already put a link to it in our reference section and will make sure all of our developers that aren't experts on OOP w/CFMX view it, which is pretty much all of us. Thanks very much.

Thanks Jim, glad to help. I'll get the version of the application zip with the database script up here shortly.

I just posted the updated file (same link as before). This contains a cfc101.sql file that's a dump from MySQL but should be usable (it's plain text SQL commands) to create this database on another RDBMS or in Access. Let me know if you have any problems.

Matt, Fantastic presentation. I especially like the work you've done with Data Access Objects and gateways. I might have to go back and look at some of my code (crud <--- muttered comment, not an acronym). I thought you were pretty strong in your discussion of using the var scope inside components. When you talk about variables leaking out of the function, are you referring to some bug? I've been using the variables scope regularly to set up private variables. It seems to be pretty predictable so far to me. You do have to be careful with querries, though. It would be nice if they were private by default. I had a bigger problem with the resolution of the unnamed scoped variables and the arguemnts scope. That one caused me a bunch of headaches until I found out what the problem was. Funny how a simple order of operations issue can really blow apart your application when you and your computer don't agree on how to do the math. :)

Mike--not talking about a bug, this is just the way things work and if you're not aware of it, it can bite you in the kiester. Specifically I'm talking about using var to declare variables within functions, which is a different situation than using variables within your CFC to make your variables private to that CFC. Hopefully the difference between the two wasn't a point of confusion. var scoped variables will stay within a function, while variables scoped variables are accessible throughout the CFC (but only within the CFC).

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