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Open Source CF Applications

The DFW CFUG had a really great meeting last month about open source in general, and specifically as it relates to CF, so I thought I'd pass along a the presentation I put together.

It contains my general thoughts about open source as well as a list of some open source CF applications that you might not be aware of. If you have any comments or questions about this presentation (it was thrown together pretty quickly), please let me know, and particularly if you have good open source CF resources, links, applications, etc. that aren't on my list, please tell me. I'd like to keep a running link list to spread the word about open source CF applications.

This has kind of turned into a crusade of mine as of late, because I get a bit annoyed when I see CF-centric sites using PHP applications. Most recently someone started up a "worldwide CFUG" and it's running PHPBB. Its creator had all sorts of reasons for doing this (none of which were valid IMO other than perhaps the free hosting issue), but even CF Open is running on a PHP application. We all need to work to change this situation!

Download this file


I wrote an article for CFDJ on how to integrate an open-source Java spell checker with ColdFusion, and created "CFSpellCheck" out of it. It really needs an update, and perhaps this post from you is just the motivation I need to refresh it and provide a gui for it and such...

Very cool--thanks for the reminder! I remember reading about this. I don't know that there's an existing list of open source CF apps so I'm thinking about making one; is a decent resource for projects (although it seems to be down today ...), but it doesn't seem to have become the centralized resource for open source CF projects that they were probably hoping. There's also OpenXCF (,, and, so I'm looking to do something more along the lines of a simple list, or maybe even have it searchable by category, etc. and point to these other resources. When I tell people about this stuff I'm amazed at how few CFers are even aware it's out there!

There is too, although they seem to be offline at the moment.

Thanks Douglas, I noticed that as well--hopefully that doesn't mean they're offline permanently!

OpenXCF is home to a number of Mach II components, CFCUnit (the test harness) and Tartan (the service framework) as well as some Java CFX tags that include Excel reading/writing.

fuseblog also is a free opensource blog software coded with the fusebox metodology - (it also would great benefit by the inclusion in in my opinion)

Thanks for the additional info Sean and Luca. I'll get this added to my list and come up with some decent way of sharing it with folks. is still down ... I hope that's not a permanent thing!

Netdispatch also, a free open source fusebox newsletter marketing application, already on (but with no much success for now). I know that i'm not here on a team fusebox blog, but really i hope that the folks behind the rebuilding of the fusebox site will pose in great evidence the fusebox application already open source. This moment can sign a great starting point in the second decade of live for CFML !! :-)- fantastic productivity of CFML + Great and not too hard to understand framework like fusebox + natural benefits of open source (better quality, documentation, community support ) . Fusebox modularity can help so much for the building of higly modularized software package, being modularity one of the key selling point of many successfull php web software (eg Mambo).

Team Fusebox are planning to add the ability for people to submit articles and resources etc to the new website - I think that will address your concerns!

Excellent Sean, and I completely agree with you Luca--we have a bit of work to do in order to combat PHP on that front. It's getting better all the time, and I've seen an increasing interest in this lately, but we have some catching up to do. Modularity is definitely one of the big keys, which leads into the use of standard CF frameworks as well as more of an emphasis on OOP (something else that's increasingly on the minds of CFers). The more of this kind of stuff we can get out there the better off we'll all be. Keeping my fingers crossed on ... if the person who was maintaining that (IIRC it was Ray someone who also does CommunityMX, but I may be conflating people) is dropping it for time constraint or other issues I'd definitely volunteer to pick it up and host it.

I don't know what platform you will select to do the Open Source CF version... but I am game. I agree this needs to be done. There seems to be a "persistant" roadblock. You need to find a methodology to build this with and enough volenteers to get it done in that methdology.

Cool John, I noticed that you're involved with the GellyBeans project on which sounds like it's along these same lines, so any input you have based on your experience there will be greatly appreciated. If you want to join the project on cfopen just let me know and I'll get you added!

Send me an invite... certainly interested. I find it counter productive to have a PHP system for doing CF Opensource projects. Sure willing to see some progress made on this topic.


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