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Adobe, Macromedia, and the Future of RIAs

Hopefully this won't jump on the whole Macromedia/Adobe speculation bandwagon too blatantly, but there was an interesting post on CF-Talk this morning that I can't seem to respond to for some reason, and I thought it was worthy of discussion since the RIA space is going to be an interesting one to watch over the coming months. This is particularly true because of Adobe's purchase of Macromedia when considered vis a vis Microsoft's upcoming Avalon technology.
To summarize, the post I was attempting to respond to on CF-Talk stated that there is no need for Adobe to compete with Microsoft because they don't have any competing products. The poster went on to say that XAML is a technology that's designed to build Windows applications, not RIAs. Here's why I think they're missing the point and why I think there's going to be fierce competition in this space in the next couple of years.
Microsoft and the new Adobe will absolutely be competing fo…

Nice Mach-II Tutorials

Apologies that I don't know this person's name, but Waterswing Studio has put out a couple of really nice (at least on initial cursory reading) Mach-II for Newbies documents. If you're learning Mach-II and clamoring for more documentation, check these out.
I haven't looked at the tutorials but I would guess they are probably done by Trond Ulseth.
Posted by Bill @ 4/17/07 3:04 PM

Hi Matt, Thank you for the promotion of my Mach-ii tutorials :) Best regards, Trond Ulseth (yeah - that's my name. From Norway should anyone wonder). PS - the url to Waterswing Studio is wrong. It should be - not ;)
Posted by Trond Ulseth @ 4/17/07 3:04 PM

Thanks Trond--sorry about the wrong URL. I'll get that updated!
Posted by Matt Woodward @ 4/17/07 3:04 PM