Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Simeon On Using Hibernate With CF

As many of you know, Hibernate is an extremely powerful object-relational mapping tool and persistence framework for Java, and I've started a project to get it to play nicely with CF, specifically with CFCs. Step one of course is getting Hibernate working with CF at all, which isn't trivial in and of itself, but I've done this on CF standalone (i.e. not J2EE) on Windows, and now Simeon has some excellent notes about getting it working with CF on J2EE, specifically on the Mac.

My own efforts have admittedly stagnated while I complete my Master's degree, but I should be done with that in August so after that I can refocus. Simeon's efforts should really help this effort along, so thanks to him for pursuing this!


Thanks for the mention matt. But it must be said that your demo code on the yahoo groups is invaluable in getting started. So really any progress I have made should be attributed to you! :)

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