Thursday, June 30, 2005

CFUnited Roundup #1: Wednesday Keynote

Hello to all from CFUnited! As many other bloggers have done and will do, I'll provide some wrap-ups and summaries for those of you who aren't here (shame on you) as well as more details thoughts and discussions after I get back. That way I'll have time to process the information and provide more than simply a high-level overview, particularly with some of the more thought-provoking sessions that have yet to come.

Wednesday Morning Keynote

Ben Forta and Tim Buntel from Macromedia shared how well CF is doing (and to paraphrase Ben yet again, anyone who says CF isn't doing well doesn't know what they're talking about) as well as some limited information (limited as in Tim was reading from a script approved by legal :-)) about where CF is going. All CFers will be happy to know that CF 8 is already in the planning stages.

The first big news is that there is a CFMX 7 updater called "Merrimack" due shortly (no details on exactly when other than "beta coming later this year") that will include the following:

  • Native Mac OS X installer (YES!)

  • Additional Linux platform support

  • Websphere Network Deployment

  • Oracle Application Server support

  • CFC Proxy, which allows calling CFCs from Java (my brain is already working overtime with all the possibilities here)

Cool, exciting stuff, and in particular the ability to call CFCs from Java may be a boon to the semi-stalled CFHibernate project.

Next big news was that Macromedia is going to "support" (no specifics on the hows and whens) the CFEclipse project. This is great, great news, so congratulations go out to Simeon Bateman, Spike, and the rest of the CFEclipse team for working so diligently on such a fantastic IDE tool for code-centric CF developers. Macromedia did say that they will "support and contribute to" the CFEclipse project, but CFEclipse will continue as an independent entity. The site is also new so check that out.

A very brief slide also announced a very limited amount of information concerning "Scorpio" which is the next version of ColdFusion. It's in the planning stages but they did announce two broad areas of interest:

  1. Continued innovation in the area of presentation-layer features and functionality

  2. Additional tools to better monitor and have access to server internals

How these areas pan out will be exciting to watch. I'm thinking this means an expansion of the Flex-like functionality already rolled into ColdFusion with Flash forms as well as an expansion of the Administrator API and server management and deployment options, both of which I'll love to see.

That about covers the Wednesday keynote--the other general comment I'd like to make is YOU SHOULD ALL BE HERE! It is SO fantastic to see nearly 1000 enthusastic CF developers all in one place, and meeting and talking with all these people I've only worked with via email and IM is great as well. They're already making plans for CFUnited 2006, so you should too.

More summaries and thoughts shortly ...

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