Thursday, June 2, 2005

ColdFusion and Java Integration: Use It!

One of the things that I personally have been looking more and more at lately is leveraging existing Java code in ColdFusion. This started with my interest in utilizing Hibernate with ColdFusion (more on that later this summer, I swear!), but then I started being reminded of the huge wealth of Java code that's out there, ripe for the taking, and oh-so-easy to use with ColdFusion.

Based on the discussions I read and the projects I see Java integration is the single most underutilized capability of ColdFusion. Yes, as I've said before we have a serious need for more open source projects in ColdFusion (more from me on that later this summer too), but if you need some functionality in CF that isn't there natively and you don't have the time or desire to write it yourself, don't limit your searching to only CF code. There's a huge chance someone's tackled your problem in Java and don't be scared--you absolutely don't need to know Java to leverage Java code in CF.

Case in point is a recent blog post by Andrew Muller that demonstrates leveraging an existing Java NNTP library (specifically from the Jakarta Commons Net Project) in ColdFusion. Download the code and check it out--it's dead simple stuff and if you haven't tried using Java from CF before, I bet you'll be amazed at just how easy it is, not to mention the huge libraries of Java code available for our use.


Thanks Matt

Matt: I've gotta agree. Just yesterday, I was hunting around for a native-CF solution to a rather basic problem I was having... everything I found was either broken, expensive, or both.

So on a lark, I started hunting around for something Java-based. Within minutes, I found a promising little jar and set to work. Given my deep ignorance of Java, it took me an hour of experimenting to produce results, but produce I did... the experience gave me a whole new respect for CFMX's trasition to Java.

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