Thursday, July 7, 2005

Mach-II: Calling for Thoughts and Ideas

Now that CFUnited is over and everyone's mostly recovered (at least I hope you have!), we're starting to ramp up work on the next release of Mach-II. If you have thoughts, ideas, rants, raves, features, bugs, gripes, or any general thoughts about where you'd like to see Mach-II go in the 1.1.0 release (or even future releases), please share them on the Mach-II discussion list at Topica. We'd like to see the traffic on that list start to increase again so we can get as many thoughts as possible and start building a list of things to work on for this release and releases further down the road. This can be everything from specific feature requests to general impressions about Mach-II. Let's get everything on the table at this point.

Mach-II is very alive, so tell us where you'd like to see it go. We're all ears!


I sent some ideas awhile ago about some concepts i found useful in FLEX working(s) with regards to emulating "multi-state" approaches in a disconnected world known as HTML heh.

I have a few more ideas which i'll post your way asap.

Looking forward to the next release! :)

Excellent Scott--very much looking forward to hearing your thoughts. I'm in the process of going back through the Mach-II mailing list discussions and making a laundry list as well, so if that's where you posted your ideas I'll find them.

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