Monday, July 4, 2005, BlueDragon, and CFML

For those of you who have been following the aftermath of New Atlanta's keynote at CFUNITED-05, you might want to add Vince Bonfanti's thoughts on matters to your list of materials to read and ponder. Particularly if you weren't at CFUNITED you'll want to get both sides of the story before forming an opinion, and Vince makes the presentation available in his blog entry as well.

As most of you are probably aware from my previous blog posts and talking to me about New Atlanta, I'm a huge fan of what they're doing. I think having an extremely valid, proven alternative CFML engine is nothing but a good thing for the CF community. Making CF less proprietary and offering people alternatives is great, and New Atlanta's offerings might leave CF in the picture as a possible technology choice where otherwise it might have been completely eliminated for one reason or another. The fact that New Atlanta is having such success with BlueDragon is one more indication that CFML as a technology is alive, well, and growing.

The main takeaway from New Atlanta's CFUNITED keynote for me was that we now have one of the most-trafficked sites on the internet to point to as an example of CFML in action. When issues of scalability come up this is a great thing to have in our arsenal as CFers. Various sides of the issue will continue to nitpick the details, but as CFers we should be glad that we have options, that we can run our CFML code more or less anywhere, and that we continue to have a vibrant and growing community after 10 years.

That's just my additional thoughts on the matter. Whether or not it makes sense for you to use Macromedia ColdFusion or BlueDragon may vary depending on your situation or even by project, but personally I think New Atlanta deserves a huge round of applause for their continued support of the CF community. Choice is always a good thing.


I could not agree with you more! Whatever fits the project, as long as it's CF. :-)


I know I'm one of the ones who have been vocally critical of the NA/BD/MS/MS presentation at CFUnited. I've also said publicly that NewAtlanta has worked hard and produced a good product. My concerns are about missing and/or misleading information and post-keynote comments from MySpace. Things that, when fully explained, shock people who where there because they were so misleading.

I feel I have genuine concerns that have been summarily dismissed by Vince without real explanation. Frankly, I'm feeling more put off by NewAtlanta because of their PR than their product line. Until someone says "I can see your point, we're sorry," I don't see myself changing my mind.

Just my 2 cents, but heartfelt and sincere. Maybe I'm wrong... but until NA is willing to address these issues I'll continue to feel concerned.

And yet it IS a feather in CFML's cap no doubt... so hats off to them all!

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