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My Fusebox 2005 Presentation + Sample App

Rather than take the time to write up documentation on the sample app that accompanied my Head First Mach-II presentation, I thought I'd just make these materials available and deal with any aftermath in due course ;-) So here's the goods! Enjoy!

Blog First Mach-II Sample App (Zip, 13K)

Download this file

good presenttaion. you are good presenter and information is complete and useful.
Posted by Marishi Matawan @ 4/17/07 3:04 PM

Linux Torvalds on programming""The power and flexibility of a programming language is inversely proportional to the number of development frameworks that surround it. Note that in traditional [C/C++] programming, there are almost no extant frameworks, while many of the newer, more stylish languages spawn frameworks in a never-ending stream, hoping to someday overcome the inherent weakness and impotence of the language itself." (From the Helsinki LUG, 08/2004)'nuff said.
Posted by Irving Golds…

Fusebox and Frameworks 2005 Wrap-Up

The Fusebox and Frameworks 2005 Conference was this past week and as always, Michael and all the folks at TeraTech put on a first class event. It was fantastic to get the opportunity to talk to attendees about Mach-II and the exciting stuff we put in the 1.1.0 release (available very soon!) as well as what we have planned for future releases. There's a ton of very exciting stuff going on with CF frameworks in general so here's my roundup of what I found most interesting at the conference.

Mach-II:I gave my Head First Mach-II presentation twice (PowerPoint and sample app code available soon), led a Mach-II Birds of a Feather session, and Ben Edwards gave a Mach-II Under the Hood presentation, so Mach-II had a strong presence at the conference. I got comments from lots of attendees after my presentation that they were now no longer "afraid" of Mach-II, and current Mach-II users were very excited to see all the activity going on in the Mach-II community thes…