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ColdFusion: #19 With a Bullet

As most of you already saw posted elsewhere, ColdFusion recently took a bit of a jump up to #19 on TIOBE's index of most popular programming languages. I hadn't looked at this index in a while but it's interesting to see what CF is both above and below, and it's also nice to see the nine green up arrows next to it on the chart.What's more interesting to me is what this really means. Yes, many have criticized the TIOBE methodology (usually when it doesn't work in their favor), so let's not focus on the specifics. Instead, let's take a look at the bigger picture, where things are going, what I think are some important convergences happening now and likely to happen in the future, and how CF fits into all of this.First, if you haven't seen them already you need to check out Sean Corfield's blog and the entry by Hal Helms to which Sean refers. Read these first and let them sink in ...Now that you're back, let's put this into perspe…

ColdSpring: Better Model Management

I've been working for a couple of days on MachBlog, which I hope will become a great real-world sample app for Mach-II and maybe even something people will actually use. ;-) I'm also using this as my opportunity to dive in and learn ColdSpring, which if you haven't looked into it yet is an Inversion of Control/Dependency Injection framework for ColdFusion that plays very nicely with Mach-II.Even in something as relatively simple as a Blog app when it's built with a domain model things can get semi-messy rather quickly. Just as a very simple example, numerous objects in the app of course use a datasource, and I'm encapsulating the datasource information in a simple datasource bean. The datasource bean in turn contains information such as the ColdFusion datasource name, the database type (SQL Server, MySQL, etc.), and the database user name and password in the event the app is used in an environment that requires this information.Even if the datasource bean …

BoardFusion on SourceForge

The BoardFusion project is now live on You'll notice you don't see anything on that page yet. That's a hint of sorts I suppose. I realize we're getting into the holiday season here in the U.S., but I want to start at least getting solid volunteers and putting the right people in place to make this project successful.First and foremost we need a great designer or two. We'll be hosting the development on SourceForge (for now at least), but the project will have its own web site as well, and we'll want that to look top-notch and of course we'll need a great logo. Also, since we're starting this from scratch as opposed to copying another application, I want to do this in a FLiP-like manner, meaning HTML prototyping will happen very early in the process. I know opinions on this differ a bit, but I can unequivocally say that from my own experience the projects I've worked on that have gone the most smoothly have all had the f…

BoardFusion It Is!

After I got quite a decent response both here as well as via e-mail to my question about resurrecting cfopenbb, I've decided to take things in a slightly different direction and give the project a new name: BoardFusion. I've submitted it as a project on SourceForge which is pending approval, so once that's up and running I'll get everyone more info.I think this is going to be a great project and given some of the folks that have expressed interest, we're going to have some very talented CFers involved.

I was on the CFopenBB project, too.
Count me in! Contact me via email if you need any help setting up guidelines or anything.
Posted by Michael van Leest @ 4/17/07 3:04 PM

Please tell me you're planning to write BoardFusion from scratch rather than attempt a line-by-line port of the original?
Posted by Sean Corfield @ 4/17/07 3:04 PM

Absolutely Sean--trying to port phpbb line by line is one of the big things I thought was wrong with the original concept.…

Should We Resurrect cfopenBB?

As many of you are probably aware, the cfopenbb project never really got off the ground. A few weeks ago it was officially abandoned. While I think it was a great idea, in my opinion the execution plan was flawed from the beginning because it was an attempt to do a file-by-file port of phpbb. As you can imagine this caused numerous issues and combined with the lack of clear decisions about how to handle the PHP -> CF mismatches, it's probably no surprise this didn't take off. I'm not saying any of this to criticize so much as to point out why in my estimation things never took off.As I said above, however, I think it was a great idea, and while I didn't have the time to take up the former leader of the project on the offer to take things over before it got abandoned, I think at some point it would be great to readdress the project, albeit in a different way. When I see how many deployments there are of phpbb and some of the really, really nice free .NET…

Mach-II 1.1.0 Available

The wait is finally over--you can now download Mach-II 1.1.0! This is a very solid release with some really nice improvements. We'll be releasing additional documentation and sample apps in the coming weeks as well as updating to point to some great resources for Mach-II.Thanks to everyone involved with this release for their hard work, late nights, and dedication. Look for a ramp-up in ancillary materials now that we have the code out the door. Enjoy!
Matt, thanks for all your hard work in coordinating the development and release of Mach-II 1.1.0. I think the new release's added features and continued dedication to quality, maintainable applications is going to make a lot of Mach-II'ers happy. Well done.Ben Edwards
Posted by Ben Edwards @ 4/17/07 3:04 PM

Thanks Ben--I was very happy and honored to be a part of the release!
Posted by Matt Woodward @ 4/17/07 3:04 PM

Matt thanks for your hard work on this release. The rest of the team including Peter …

Asynchronous ColdFusion Presentations

Last night was "asynchronous night" at the Dallas/Fort Worth CFUG. Here are my two presentations and related code from the meeting last night. The first presentation covered the asynchronous CFML event gateway in CF 7 Enterprise, the second dealt with CFAjax and AJAX issues in general. In addition to the very simple example for AJAX I'm including here we went through a few of the examples that are provided with CFAjax. Enjoy!
Nice! Thanks Matt!
Posted by Sami Hoda @ 4/17/07 3:04 PM

Man, very disappointed I had to miss it - The Wife had other plans for us... :(Thanks for posting the preso though!
Posted by Jake @ 4/17/07 3:04 PM

I finished writing today an alternative to cfajax; I called it ajaxCFC.
It's an improved version (still lack documentation). Please check it out at
Posted by Rob Gonda @ 4/17/07 3:04 PM