Saturday, November 19, 2005

BoardFusion It Is!

After I got quite a decent response both here as well as via e-mail to my question about resurrecting cfopenbb, I've decided to take things in a slightly different direction and give the project a new name: BoardFusion. I've submitted it as a project on SourceForge which is pending approval, so once that's up and running I'll get everyone more info.

I think this is going to be a great project and given some of the folks that have expressed interest, we're going to have some very talented CFers involved.


I was on the CFopenBB project, too.
Count me in! Contact me via email if you need any help setting up guidelines or anything.

Please tell me you're planning to write BoardFusion from scratch rather than attempt a line-by-line port of the original?

Absolutely Sean--trying to port phpbb line by line is one of the big things I thought was wrong with the original concept. This will be created from the ground up.

I was on the cfopenbb as a tester - glad to see that the idea isn't dead.

I know its probably too late now but 'BoardFusion'? Sounds too much like 'BoredFusion'. Were FusionForum, ForumFusion, etc taken?

Funny Matthew--I thought this same thing at first. Maybe it's still a valid concern. We can continue to brainstorm on the name, but ForumFusion (which I prefer over FusionForum) is taken as a .com, but the .org version is available. Not saying that should necessarily dictate the name choice but having a domain name match the product certainly doesn't hurt. The only other issue, also minor, is that the BoardFusion project was just approved on today, and I'm not sure what's involved with changing the name, etc.

Long and short of this is I'm not married to BoardFusion but it is a bit in process at this point. Nothing that can't be changed I'm sure.

No biggie - I figured that the wheels were already in motion. Also, it might be an issue for the released package but there is certainly more than enough to do between now and then.

Was a feature spec doc ever created for cfopenbb? If its going to be written from the ground up to emulate phpbb's feature set I would imagine that analysis would have to be done.

Not sure about a spec doc for cfopenbb--I didn't ever see one but I'll ask.

There never was a spec doc created...

Great to see someone picking up the banner on this project!

As far as naming, take what I'm about to say with a grain of salt, considering "BoardFusion" is incredibly close to "BlogFusion" (my product). I've been considering options for moving BlogFusion to open source/free non-commercial usage/etc., so it'd suck to have confusion there. (Full disclaimer - I filed for a trademark on BlogFusion a while back)

As far as naming, internet marketing guru had a great article about naming a while back:

also here:

Honestly, if I had it to do over, I'd probably choose something less "generic" for my blogging app's name.


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