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BoardFusion on SourceForge

The BoardFusion project is now live on You'll notice you don't see anything on that page yet. That's a hint of sorts I suppose. I realize we're getting into the holiday season here in the U.S., but I want to start at least getting solid volunteers and putting the right people in place to make this project successful.

First and foremost we need a great designer or two. We'll be hosting the development on SourceForge (for now at least), but the project will have its own web site as well, and we'll want that to look top-notch and of course we'll need a great logo. Also, since we're starting this from scratch as opposed to copying another application, I want to do this in a FLiP-like manner, meaning HTML prototyping will happen very early in the process. I know opinions on this differ a bit, but I can unequivocally say that from my own experience the projects I've worked on that have gone the most smoothly have all had the front-end complete prior to very much code being written. So we'll need a great UI and we'll also want to start thinking about making this PAINFULLY easy to skin right from the outset. I think that the more easy BoardFusion is to skin, the more successful it will be in the long run.

So let's get the ball rolling. I'll announce this some other places as well since I know not everyone on the planet reads my blog. If you have general discussion-type stuff please feel free to comment to this entry. If you want to be involved please email me directly at and go ahead and sign up for an account on SourceForge if you don't already have one. Then we can move the discussion and coding over there.

I'm really excited to see where this goes!


Will it be based on a specific framework (FB,MII,MG,Arf!,Reactor,...)?

It would be very nice if we could use a Flex2 UI. With Arf! or Reactor we could easely adapt it.

The framework question is yet to be determined--we have to balance the obvious benefits of using a framework with the fact that we'll want this to be painfully easy to deploy in a shared hosting environment. I'm obviously very partial to Mach-II but I don't want the framework discussion to overshadow what we're trying to accomplish here; it should just be a tool we end up using or not using after having a discussion about it. I will say that doing team development is infinitely easier with a framework IMO.

Having a Flex 2 UI has been mentioned by several people and I think it's an achievable goal, but I want to focus initially on getting the "guts" of the thing nice and solid with a great HTML-based UI, and if we build it right it should be relatively easy to hook a Flex 2 front-end onto it.

Nice. Ya definitely very pro plug and play. But try to put as much of the get/set logic in CFC's that a Flex UI could tap into later. I can also help out on the design aspect as well, you can check out my sites for my design style (,,,, etc...).

of course its going to be i18n from the get-go, right?

That depends Paul, are you volunteering? ;-) I definitely think it should be so I'll study up on what you've done with Ray Camden on his blog as a bit of a crash course.

Thanks Tariq--we coders tend to need all the design help we can get!

I've tried to build a project like this sometime ago, never left the early stages, so i'll try to contribute to this one. A litle bit codind ( maybe throw some ideas, fixes, bug hunting ) but specially give some design help.
I don't hv much time in my hands nowadays but ill try to come up with a logo and icon design, even if is not chosen to be the official one, i tried =D Just give me a couple of days and ill send u an email with a logo sample ( or not a sample ) for u to check.

Happy coding !

Very cool Daniel--if we could have multiple people submit logo ideas that would be great!

Hey Matt,

I was a senior developer in the CFOpenBB includes team with you. I'd like to help out in any way possible, except for graphics or design.

But if you need me to take on any programming portion, let me know.

Send me an email off-line, and let me know what positions or tasks you have available.



Are I know you asked for volunteers in an earlier blog entry (I volunteered). Are you going to just grab the email addresses from that blog entry along with this one or are you going to have a more formal call for volunteers?

Ray, I'll probably gather the emails up from everywhere and send out a blast, accompanied with a blog post to make sure I didn't miss anyone.

The logic enclosed within the cf language is more than enough to build a nice forum app.

I will work on getting some cf related forum work together for a review. I have it running with just 3 tabels - forums, threads and threadsubs. Its more a plugin I wrote for one site and halfway done working on it for another.

Anyways, its just cfcs and a few pages. Nothing real specatacular but it has been running a very important internal discussion forum for some time.


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