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Still Loving ColdSpring

As I've been working on MachBlog (which should be done in the next few weeks sometime), I'm extremely glad I decided to use this as my opportunity to learn ColdSpring. Now that most of my objects are built and I'm actually putting things into action, I ran into several cases this morning where I found myself needing objects within other objects, and these objects weren't already in there.Before ColdSpring this might have been a bit of an "oh crap" moment, and I would have had to traverse back through the object dependencies and figure out what all I needed to get Object B into Object A successfully. As you might imagine this can get a bit nasty when Object B also has its own dependencies, and maybe those dependent objects have their own dependecies ... you get the picture. With ColdSpring all I had to do was add a property or argument (depending on how it's being used) to the CFC in which I need this other object, add about three lines to th…