Monday, August 15, 2005

... Now I Am the Master

Somehow a Darth Vader quote seemed appropriate at this juncture. Another one that came to mind was one we used to say in the music biz: "It's all over but the hangover."

I just turned in my last assignments for the final class in my Master of Science in Computer Information Systems (MSCIS) degree through the University of Phoenix. It was a lot of work on and off over the last three years getting it done so it's a real sense of relief to have it done.

I'm sure my "free time" will now be filled with lots of other stuff, but at least this is checked off the list!


Congrat's Matt

BTW was the title of your Master?

Good Job Matt.

I've actually been looking at that program for the last few months. I would really like to go back and do my master's and it seems like the best way to do it without taking time off work. Any suggestions or things to look out for? You can email me or post comment would be great.

Thanks Igor--for this degree we didn't really have a thesis or other single final project, it was just a whole lot of writing and a large final project for each class. Total number of pages written per class was typically between 150-200, with the final project usually being around 50 pages. Take that times 13 classes and you'll get the idea. ;-)

Most of the projects were designed to be very "real world," so in my final class which was risk analysis, the final project was a risk assessment, proposal, and implementation plan for my company.

Trevor, I thought University of Phoenix was great. I started a traditional MIS degree at a university near me and there's just no way I would have ever finished while I was working full-time. The way UoP works is you take one class at a time, and each class is six weeks, then they want you to take at least one week off between classes. The six weeks while you're in class are pretty intense so the week off is generally very wise.

Other than a single bad egg professor I had a great experience with UoP. The flexibility was really great and I learned a lot. My particular degree was an interesting mix of management and comp sci stuff which I think was perfect for the situation I'm in with my new job.


Were you trying to say that Darth Vadar also has a Masters in Computer Science? :)


Heh--Vader probably needs a computer science degree to run all that hardware that keeps him going.