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BlueDragon 7.0 Beta 2 on Ubuntu

BlueDragon 7.0 Beta 2 is now available, which is great news, but the installer doesn't work out of the box on Ubuntu. Luckily there's a very simple fix I found on the BlueDragon Mailing List. The long and short of the fix is to comment out specific lines in the installer script while keeping the file size the same.Just run the following command to do the replace (adjust as needed for your file names/paths):sudo cat | sed "s/export
LD_ASSUME_KERNEL/#xport LD_ASSUME_KERNEL/" > BDSJX-70_326MOD.shThen set execute permissions on the modified installer:sudo chmod +x BDSJX-70_326MOD.shThen run the modified modified installer:./BDSJX-70_326MOD.shWorked great for me, and seems to be running MachBlog just fine!

Mach-II 1.1.1 Released

I'm very pleased to announce that Mach-II 1.1.1 is now available. This is a maintenance release but we managed to pack a couple of nice new features in there as well, so check the web site to read about what's new.We also already have a roadmap going for version 1.5, so if you have any features you'd like to have considered, the best thing to do is join the Mach-II Google Group so we can discuss them there and solicit feedback, or you can e-mail info AT mach-ii DOT com.Enjoy, and look for even more slick stuff from Mach-II in 2007!

OK Adobe, Put Your Money Where Your Flex Is

Allow me to be "that guy" for a minute. Given the issues with the Framework session at MAX, I decided to check on my schedule for MAX and see what's going on. Now let me remind you again that I just switched from Windows to Ubuntu. You probably already know where this is going.So the MAX scheduler is in Flex 2. Flex 2 requires Flash Player 9. Guess what isn't available for Linux yet? Yep, so I can't access the MAX scheduler.Now I understand that Windows has the biggest install base by a long shot, and that the Mac is a very distant second, leaving Linux at the bottom of Adobe's list. I get that. BUT (and I think this is a big BUT), the talk Adobe's been putting forth is how the OS is becoming irrelevant, that RIAs will give us the desktop experience in the browser on any platform. There was even an article in the New York Times about the end of the importance of the operating system. I also said in a recent comment to one of my posts that I th…

Running Ubuntu!

Yesterday I finally made the switch to Ubuntu on my ThinkPad T60p. It went extremely smoothly overall, and I'll be sure and report my progress of getting settled into the new OS.As I stated in a comment to a previous post, I used Versora Progression Desktop to migrate my Windows files to Ubuntu. I backed everything up on my Linksys NAS but Versora claimed they could move all my Outlook email directly to Thunderbird. I say "claimed" because even though the Versora software seemed to run on the Windows side just fine to create the migration file, it chokes when I try to read it in on the Linux side. I'm hoping their support will get back to me but we'll see. As an alternative, there is a PST file reader for Ubuntu so I may try that today.Ubuntu detected all the hardware on my system perfectly, including my wireless chipset. The only manual configuration I had to do was to my X11 config file to tell it to use a different video driver that would support the …

Might Be Time For Ubuntu ...

I've been reading and hearing a lot about Windows Vista lately, and I think I'm about at the tipping point. Between the performance pig that it is, and the fact that it's getting more and more intrusive and paranoid (I'll spare you the details ... check out slashdot or any number of tech podcasts for more scary info), I just don't know if I can stick with Windows anymore, so XP may be the last version I'll run as my full-time OS on my home machine. (Yes, there's the Mac option; I use one at work now but I really love my ThinkPad.)As I mentioned before I was pretty floored by Ubuntu when I stuck a live CD in my ThinkPad and it detected literally everything including my wireless, ran my LCD at full resolution, etc., so thanks again to Dave Shuck for coming to the CFUG meeting with the live CD and forcing me to try it. I've also used Fedora on and off as a desktop OS in the past, but Ubuntu has a polish that Fedora still can't match in my op…

BlueDragon 7 Beta 1 Available

Just a quick note to help spread the word--BlueDragon 7 Beta 1 is available. More info here:

Get the beta (FTP link)

Read up on what's new (FTP link)

Though I have BlueDragon and a 1 yr upgrade contract I am not very enthoused about this beta release. It still does not have the features that CF 7 has and Adobe has recently announced the upcoming release of CF8. If I had known that New Atlanta was soo behind and that way over half way throught 2006 it version 7 would only be in beta I would have chosen CF7 a year ago.Thanks for the notice however.
Posted by BD User @ 4/17/07 3:05 PM

To be fair--and I don't want to turn this into a big "CF vs. BD" ordeal--BD 7 has some things in it that CF 7 doesn't have. In my opinion having the choice is good, and depending on what features you are specifically referring to, one choice may make more sense than another.
Posted by Matt Woodward @ 4/17/07 3:05 PM

I wonder if Adobe will release a .net version? It seems like …

JRun = JRan?

Interpret as you will. Let the wild, random speculation begin!JRun 4.5 Beta Closed
Maybe, just for a moment and an insane idea, that there was a new version of JRun that was being tested by people. Lets take it a further step into the strange and say that this test is done and they are ready to use it in something. Maybe that something is ColdFusion.Naaaa, too strange and far fetched an idea. :)
Posted by Michael Dinowitz @ 4/17/07 3:05 PM

Hmmm... just to add some more wild randomness:We had some Adobe pre-sales guys in here to talk about Flex recently, and here's what they said:The Flex development team works on BEA Weblogic. Of course, this came out just after we told them we were using Weblogic, so... grain of sand?They were very interested in knowing whether we had any plans to use or investigate JBoss in the near future?Thing is, Adobe will always need some kind of J2EE server to use as a default for people who just want a simple install. Whether that has to be JR…

The New CFDJ Editorial Board

I'm very excited to announce that I'm now on the editorial board of the ColdFusion Developer's Journal. If you have suggestions, complaints, article ideas, articles (!), and things you'd like to see in CFDJ, please pass them along to me (matt at mattwoodward dot com). This will be a bit of a rebirth for CFDJ and we want to make it the journal that CF users want it to be.

Hi Matt,Congratulations! Between this and the Senate, you're clearly now at the pinnacle of two of the major US power structures (at least as far as CF developers are concerned). Could a run for senior office be far behind? Perhpas you could displace John Stweart on the McCain ticket for VP?!No doubt I'll be bugging you about adding the occasional advanced OO or application generation article down the line.Best Wishes,
Posted by Peter Bell @ 4/17/07 3:05 PM

Matt,Many congratulations too. Maybe you can get help me received the electronic version of the CFDJ that I signed up (a…

Mr. Woodward Goes to Washington

I'm extremely pleased to announce that I've accepted a position as Principal Information Technology Specialist with the Office of the Sergeant at Arms at the United States Senate. I'll be moving out to Washington, DC later this month. It's a bit hard to leave Dallas after being here for 14 years, but this is a fantastic opportunity with a great bunch of people, and I absolutely love the DC area, so I'm very excited about the road ahead!
Congrats Matt! Didn't you just move like a week or two ago?
Posted by Tom Cornilliac @ 4/17/07 3:04 PM

Actually I did move about two weeks ago, just a few miles away. My house sold so the timing wasn't perfect. ;-)
Posted by Matt Woodward @ 4/17/07 3:04 PM

Congrats Matt now that it's public news! Now if you only were working at the IRS...Is this going to impact our recording time with the podcast? I'm going to have think now with a timezone difference!
Posted by Peter J. Farrell @ 4/17/07 3:04 PM

Congrats Matt…

Duck Typing: Stop the Insanity

If you pay attention to the ColdFusion blogs at all, or if you were at CFUnited, you're well aware of the new-found duck typing craze in ColdFusion land. While I agree with some of the sentiments behind advocating duck typing, as with most things that become a veritable feeding frenzy, there's quite a bit being lost in the insanity in my opinion.
First and foremost, just because you can do something doesn't mean you should. Let me state that again and extend it a bit. Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should, and it certainly doesn't mean it's appropriate to do it all the time. My fear with all the blog postings I've been reading the past few days is that people will take on an attitude along the lines of, "Typing? Who needs it! This is ColdFusion!" Personally I think that's exactly the wrong approach.
Let's stop and think about why typing exists in strongly typed languages such as Java. Yes, I know ColdFusion is…

Of Factories and Databases

While working on MachBlog we debated how best to handle the multiple database conundrum. When creating an application such as this that needs to support potentially numerous databases there is a fork in the road. Either a single single set of database access code is created that has conditionals throughout to handle database-specific functionality where needed, or database access code unique to each database platform can be created, but this runs the risk of having redundant code where the more mundane SQL is identical across database platforms.In the end we decided that for the sake of maximum flexibility and future extensibility we would have a set of data objects (DAOs and gateways) for each database platform. Out of the box MachBlog will have two complete sets of data objects, one for Microsoft SQL Server, and another for MySQL. Make that three, actually, since for the sake of object typing we have a set of base classes that are extended by the database-specific obj…

Framework Load Testing: Performance is One Aspect ...

Webapper just released an interesting summary of load testing the CFPetMarket in its various incarnations. (Go to to download the different versions of the application.)I don't think the results are all that surprising, so I won't belabor them here. What I do want to offer is a bit of my perspective on the issue of frameworks, CFCs, and performance in general.First and foremost, remember that performance is one aspect of software development. Clearly our applications must have acceptable performance in order to be successful. What I'm afraid of is that people will look at these numbers and gravitate towards a "Fusebox is fast, Mach-II is slow" line of thinking. Mach-II is slower than Fusebox, but as the Webapper folks and Simon Horwith both point out, this is to be expected based on the CFC-heavy nature of Mach-II applications.Note that I said Mach-II is slower than Fusebox, but that doesn't at all mean that Mach-II is slow. Performanc…

cf.Objective() Presentations and Code

If you believe in the saying "better late than never," then here for the patient among you are my materials from cf.Objective() 2006. Enjoy!
Head First Mach-II (presented with Peter Farrell)

Download this file

OOP for Noobz

Download this file

Migrating Legacy Apps to OOP with ColdFusion

Download this file

Matt,I am picking apart your OOP for NOObz code examples, trying to wrap my mind around OOP.I don't see anything in your examples that jumps out at me and says, "I'm the controller (as in MVC)."Is the ooForm2.cfm or chooseForm.cfm acting as your controller (I thought controllers were supposed to be cfc's, but I'm a noob, what do I know)?This example is helping me more than anything else - thanks a lot!
Posted by Aaron Roberson @ 4/17/07 3:04 PM

Hi Aaron--actually that specific example wasn't MVC. It was just designed as a gentle (hopefully) introduction to objects in…

Mach-II Contact Manager DB: Sample App + Captivate Preso

In response to numerous requests from people for a simple sample application that demonstrates the use of a database in Mach-II, I've updated the Mach-II Contact Manager to use a database, and I did another Captivate presentation that walks through the code.

Download the Captivate presentation (40 MB)

Download the sample application code (40 KB)

I promise I'll do some shorter Captivate presentations on smaller Mach-II topics in the future, with the first of these likely focusing on Listeners. Let me know what you want to hear about!
This is great. I've been following your and other examples as I begin a rewrite for a spaghetti-code application. I really appreciate you taking the time to do these explanations.The contact manager looks nice and simple as there is only one table. As I get into my app which has a ton of tables, it seems I am going to have a Listener, DAO, Gateway, and Bean for every table. And just last weekend I decided to give ColdSpring a go…

Head First Mach-II Captivate Presentation

For those of you who can't attend cf.objective() and see me and Peter Farrell present "Head First Mach-II" live, here's a rough cut of me doing the presentation solo (49 MB) in Captivate. This is my first real shot at doing this sort of thing in Captivate so please be kind. ;-) If you want to follow along with the code here's a zip of that as well.Some general comments:

I used a cheap headset mic on the PowerPoint portions and a much better one on the code portions, hence the sound quality difference. I think both sound pretty good, with the "worse" of the two making me sound a bit like I shoved the mic up my nose. This is also the lowest audio quality setting in Captivate, but don't let all my hemming and hawing scare you off; it actually sounds quite good.

The Captivate slides that involved the web browser and in one case the code didn't seem to refresh properly when I went from one screen to another or scrolled the code. Not a major …

MachBlog: A Mach-II/ColdSpring Blog Application

Quick sneak peek screenshot of MachBlog, the Mach-II and ColdSpring blog that Peter Farrell and I have been working on (rather leisurely) over the past few months.

So why another blog application? It started out as me wanting to have a good, semi-full-blown sample app for Mach-II. Then I got into ColdSpring so I thought I better include that. Then I thought, "Hey, this is turning into an actual blog app!" Then Peter got his hands on it and went to town so we're committed to making this far more than just a sample app at this point.More soon--we're hoping to have a beta available around cf.objective() time.
Cool, Matt. I'm looking forward to seeing the MachBlog in action.
Posted by Ben Edwards @ 4/17/07 3:04 PM

Matt,Have you thought about tying in Reactor? Either way, I'd love to start on my blogging venture (to start soon) with MachBlog!Will this be a free blog?Sami
Posted by Sami Hoda @ 4/17/07 3:04 PM

It looks great! If you need a tester, let me kno…

Going to cf.objective()? Want to be on the ColdFusion Weekly Podcast?

Now that the ColdFusion Weekly podcast is an official go (we even have a house band lined up!) we'd like to start queueing up people who'd like to be interviewed, starting with folks who will be at the KILLER cf.objective() Conference coming up on March 11-12. Be there, be there, do whatever you have to do to be there!So, if you're a speaker, attendee, or otherwise interested party and want to get on the podcast please e-mail me and we'll start getting people lined up. We'll have to start figuring out how we're going to actually do this at the conference but the innaugural podcast will be a cf.objective() roundup along with some other cool segments we have planned.Even if you don't want to be interviewed but want to pose a question to the CF community while you're at the conference, grab me and we'll take a quick recording of you for inclusion on the podcast. I want there to be a lot of different voices on the show each week!

RFC: ColdFusion Weekly Podcast

Although we already have two very nice podcasts in CF land with Helms and Peters Out Loud and the ColdFusion Podcast, I'm just arrogant enough to think that the CF world might like to hear what I have to say in a podcast form. I have a partner in crime tenatively lined up so once we nail down some details we'll make a more official announcement. We've discussed the format of the show a bit and want it to be fun, but most of all to make this work we'll need the participation of the CF community.So what do I mean by that? Well, given that this is a podcast we can't have a live call-in show, but we can do the next best thing and have you send in audio files (or plain text emails if you want to kick it 1996 ...) with your questions and comments, and we'll play them on the show and do the best we can to answer your CF issues. We'll also have interviews, in-depth topic discussions, and other fun stuff like a weekly code puzzle. Think "Car Talk&q…

Mach-II Pet Market Article Available Online

If you're interested in seeing how Mach-II compares to some of the other CF frameworks available, you need to check out the latest ColdFusion Developer's Journal. The January issue is focused on frameworks and hits all the major ones, including Mach-II, Model-Glue, Fusebox, ColdSpring, onTap, theHUB, and SAM.I'm highly biased of course, but I find the Mach-II article by Ben Edwards, Hal Helms, and myself particularly compelling. ;-)All the code is also available at (although when I just tried that URL from my office I was sent to a DNS issue), so you can download the sample apps and compare them yourself. This is a great, great learning resource and I highly encourage you to take advantage of it!
If you hit this post earlier and didn't see the link to CFDJ and didn't see Model-Glue in the framework list, my sincerest apologies; I left the closing " off these hyperlinks. I wasn't purposely leaving Model-…