Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Mach-II Pet Market Article Available Online

If you're interested in seeing how Mach-II compares to some of the other CF frameworks available, you need to check out the latest ColdFusion Developer's Journal. The January issue is focused on frameworks and hits all the major ones, including Mach-II, Model-Glue, Fusebox, ColdSpring, onTap, theHUB, and SAM.

I'm highly biased of course, but I find the Mach-II article by Ben Edwards, Hal Helms, and myself particularly compelling. ;-)

All the code is also available at cfpetmarket.com (although when I just tried that URL from my office I was sent to careerbank.com--probably a DNS issue), so you can download the sample apps and compare them yourself. This is a great, great learning resource and I highly encourage you to take advantage of it!


If you hit this post earlier and didn't see the link to CFDJ and didn't see Model-Glue in the framework list, my sincerest apologies; I left the closing " off these hyperlinks. I wasn't purposely leaving Model-Glue off the list!

Sent me to the bank, too.

I say,

One of the most confusing parts of Mach-II ... is how you get the queried information INTO a bean. You have all these getters and setters, with it's constructor etc. But where do you tell a bean ... that this select statement, where ID = 32 etc., is the data I want you to return!

I can read code, but dang, it's not obvious.

Is there an example of just 1 variable, ie. a stripped down version of M2PetMarket? I'll keep reading, but it would be convenient if there was a step by step of WHAT actually happens. Kinda like the document you wrote for beginners Matt - "Intro to Mach-II Listeners".

Thanks for listening.

Thanks 'noname'--I'll work up and intro to this sort of thing very soon and post here when it's ready to go! It's always good to hear the specific types of things that would help people better learn and understand Mach-II.

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