Wednesday, February 15, 2006

MachBlog: A Mach-II/ColdSpring Blog Application

Quick sneak peek screenshot of MachBlog, the Mach-II and ColdSpring blog that Peter Farrell and I have been working on (rather leisurely) over the past few months.


So why another blog application? It started out as me wanting to have a good, semi-full-blown sample app for Mach-II. Then I got into ColdSpring so I thought I better include that. Then I thought, "Hey, this is turning into an actual blog app!" Then Peter got his hands on it and went to town so we're committed to making this far more than just a sample app at this point.

More soon--we're hoping to have a beta available around cf.objective() time.


Cool, Matt. I'm looking forward to seeing the MachBlog in action.


Have you thought about tying in Reactor?

Either way, I'd love to start on my blogging venture (to start soon) with MachBlog!

Will this be a free blog?


It looks great! If you need a tester, let me know! :)


Ben--thanks, and we'll of course be very appreciative of any comments you may have after we make the application available.

Sami--I thought about including Reactor in the mix as well but that's not on the roadmap at this point. One reason is because at first this was meant to be a sample application that people could study, so being able to see how things like DAOs work is still kind of important to me. We may reconsider in the future.

Ryan--thanks for volunteering to test. We'll need lots and lots of testing I'm sure! ;-)

Should have mentioned a few more things. This will be an open source, free application that we're distributing under the Apache 2.0 license. It will be i18n ready out of the gate and we're making it darn easy to skin as well. We have some other neat features planned and we'll detail those as we get closer to a beta release.

FYI, my blog is in desparate need of an upgrade and thus one reason why I've been trying to put a couple of hours in on the weekends to get this done. When I say deparate, I mean it. Between MachBlog, ColdFusion Weekly, preparing for the cf.Objetive() conference and "real" work -- I got a lot on my plate. Hopefully Matt and I will get a beta done by the conference.

Secondly, I have a lot of content on my blog in BlogCFC - so I hope to write a conversion script...(Matt, I'll add that to the To-Do list)

Next on the plate is an updated website for Mach-II...Matt shall we?

(Matt you're going to have to get up an Amazon Wishlist ;-)

I've been looking around at different blogs while I wait on the powers that be to finish working on my laptop. :( It looks great so far and I'm anxious to see it in action!

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