Thursday, March 2, 2006

Mach-II Contact Manager DB: Sample App + Captivate Preso

In response to numerous requests from people for a simple sample application that demonstrates the use of a database in Mach-II, I've updated the Mach-II Contact Manager to use a database, and I did another Captivate presentation that walks through the code.

I promise I'll do some shorter Captivate presentations on smaller Mach-II topics in the future, with the first of these likely focusing on Listeners. Let me know what you want to hear about!


This is great. I've been following your and other examples as I begin a rewrite for a spaghetti-code application. I really appreciate you taking the time to do these explanations.

The contact manager looks nice and simple as there is only one table. As I get into my app which has a ton of tables, it seems I am going to have a Listener, DAO, Gateway, and Bean for every table. And just last weekend I decided to give ColdSpring a go which added a Service cfc between the Listener and the other objects. Although bean generators and copy-paste-search-replace keep from typing much code, I feel like there is a lot of redundancy.

Having only started on the rewrite, I already have 7 Listeners, 7 Services, 10 DAOs/Gateways, and 6 Beans. I am keeping these organized in their respective directories.

Currently my hope lies in the fact that I'll be at cf.Objective where you and others will help me see the light.

(another) Matt W

Matt - thanks as always for posting some code that we can study and learn from.

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