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Of Factories and Databases

While working on MachBlog we debated how best to handle the multiple database conundrum. When creating an application such as this that needs to support potentially numerous databases there is a fork in the road. Either a single single set of database access code is created that has conditionals throughout to handle database-specific functionality where needed, or database access code unique to each database platform can be created, but this runs the risk of having redundant code where the more mundane SQL is identical across database platforms.In the end we decided that for the sake of maximum flexibility and future extensibility we would have a set of data objects (DAOs and gateways) for each database platform. Out of the box MachBlog will have two complete sets of data objects, one for Microsoft SQL Server, and another for MySQL. Make that three, actually, since for the sake of object typing we have a set of base classes that are extended by the database-specific obj…