Saturday, August 19, 2006

The New CFDJ Editorial Board

I'm very excited to announce that I'm now on the editorial board of the ColdFusion Developer's Journal. If you have suggestions, complaints, article ideas, articles (!), and things you'd like to see in CFDJ, please pass them along to me (matt at mattwoodward dot com). This will be a bit of a rebirth for CFDJ and we want to make it the journal that CF users want it to be.



Hi Matt,

Congratulations! Between this and the Senate, you're clearly now at the pinnacle of two of the major US power structures (at least as far as CF developers are concerned). Could a run for senior office be far behind? Perhpas you could displace John Stweart on the McCain ticket for VP?!

No doubt I'll be bugging you about adding the occasional advanced OO or application generation article down the line.

Best Wishes,


Many congratulations too. Maybe you can get help me received the electronic version of the CFDJ that I signed up (and paid for) but never seemed to get delivered as promised (despite sending lots of emails into outer space)! ;-)

Good luck.

Tom (the guy currently working in Thailand who had (until Mr Hastings knocked me off!) the South Park avitar on your CF Weekly Frappr map.

My mian gripe is that they can never seem ti get the issues out on schedule. It is no August and I just got the June late last week. In all honesty, I have yet to figure out how they keep selling ad space. I got my June issue on August 18th and it had an ad for the CF event in New York on the 14th. This was the last issue of my subscruption and I still haven't decided if I will renew. For what they charge per issue they could at least get me my issue during the first part of the month in which it is titled.

Hi Bryan--one of the MAJOR things we're trying to repair is the lagging schedule. You'll see improvements on this point in the very near future.

Some of us have a "full plate". You, Matt, have 2 or 3 full plates. ;)

Anyway, it seems CFDJ may be feeling a little heat from the Fusion Authority Quarterly Update.

One suggestion I'd like to make is to either tighten the focus of articles a little more or give more space for certain articles. This suggestion is based on what seems like numerous comments in the article to the effect of "I wish I had more space to explain further...'

For a newstand price of $9 an issue I think they could afford to put more than 50 pages in an issue if necessary. I honestly don't think having an issue hit 60 pages would break the bank. For example, I hate it when they have an article that references code, but then the code isn't in the magazine, you have download it. 9 out of 10 times I'm not sitting in front of a computer while I read the articles the first time and at the per issue price i don't think I should have to spend more money to use my paper and ink to print out the code. Just as an FYI, I tend to read all the articles away from the computer and then ones I want experiment with, need to actually type out the code to fully understand the concepts, etc. I will go back through in front of the computer and actually create it as I go.

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