Friday, September 1, 2006

JRun = JRan?

Interpret as you will. Let the wild, random speculation begin!

JRun 4.5 Beta Closed


Maybe, just for a moment and an insane idea, that there was a new version of JRun that was being tested by people. Lets take it a further step into the strange and say that this test is done and they are ready to use it in something. Maybe that something is ColdFusion.

Naaaa, too strange and far fetched an idea. :)

Hmmm... just to add some more wild randomness:

We had some Adobe pre-sales guys in here to talk about Flex recently, and here's what they said:

The Flex development team works on BEA Weblogic. Of course, this came out just after we told them we were using Weblogic, so... grain of sand?

They were very interested in knowing whether we had any plans to use or investigate JBoss in the near future?

Thing is, Adobe will always need some kind of J2EE server to use as a default for people who just want a simple install. Whether that has to be JRun is another question.

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