Monday, October 16, 2006

OK Adobe, Put Your Money Where Your Flex Is

Allow me to be "that guy" for a minute. Given the issues with the Framework session at MAX, I decided to check on my schedule for MAX and see what's going on. Now let me remind you again that I just switched from Windows to Ubuntu. You probably already know where this is going.

So the MAX scheduler is in Flex 2. Flex 2 requires Flash Player 9. Guess what isn't available for Linux yet? Yep, so I can't access the MAX scheduler.

Now I understand that Windows has the biggest install base by a long shot, and that the Mac is a very distant second, leaving Linux at the bottom of Adobe's list. I get that. BUT (and I think this is a big BUT), the talk Adobe's been putting forth is how the OS is becoming irrelevant, that RIAs will give us the desktop experience in the browser on any platform. There was even an article in the New York Times about the end of the importance of the operating system. I also said in a recent comment to one of my posts that I think it's fantastic that Flash video is taking off, which is again making the OS (and browser for that matter) irrelevant. As long as you have Flash, you can view anything on the web.

Now I'm not becoming some sort of Linux nazi. I'm really not. But I do think that if Adobe wants this OS-irrelevant future to come to fruition--and I think they do--they need to ensure that anyone on ANY platform (not just the "big two") can access Flex-based applications. Otherwise the choice of OS matters quite a bit, and we're only one OS choice better off than where we started.

I know that Flash Player 9 for Linux is in the works, but it would be nice if there was more of a commitment to release current Flash player versions for all OSes simultaneously, or at least in fairly short order. Without that commitment, we're still quite limited in our choice of operating systems, which is what RIAs are supposed to allow us to avoid.



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This will work for another hour:

I'm not sure if you saw my previous comment, but I made the point that I had to drop Linux for Windows because work is moving me to do some Flex work and Windows is a requirement.

Worse then there not being a Flash 9 for Linux is the fact that there NEVER was a Flash 8.


Yep Eric, saw your previous post and I think that's lamentable. You won't hear me griping that they need to make their *apps* available for Linux. I think it would be great, but from a business standpoint I totally understand that there isn't much of a market for their tools to be available for Linux. It is pretty sad, though, that still to this day if you want to use Flex Builder you have to use Windows. The Mac version is in the works but hasn't come to fruition yet.

What does irk me is that the apps that we build with said tools can't be used on anything but Windows or Mac, and until recently it was Windows or the PPC-based Mac. Again, I realize that Linux is a very small part of the OS landscape, but it's a bit irritating that Adobe's version of "write once, run anywhere" in reality means "write once, run on Windows ... and other OSes when we get around to it." It's the web, folks--OS shouldn't matter.

Thanks James! I hadn't seen that screenshot, so that is indeed a beautiful sight to behold. I anxiously await the release.

Hey Matt, I hope you were able to get your scheduling issues worked out. Stephanie and Rom at Adobe were *extremely* helpful to me and my coworker. Let me know if you need contact info - though I did see your post on Ben's blog so I am sure he will get you hooked up! ~Jen


Flash Player 9 for Linux prerelease is available on Labs now:

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