Monday, February 27, 2006

Head First Mach-II Captivate Presentation

For those of you who can't attend cf.objective() and see me and Peter Farrell present "Head First Mach-II" live, here's a rough cut of me doing the presentation solo (49 MB) in Captivate. This is my first real shot at doing this sort of thing in Captivate so please be kind. ;-) If you want to follow along with the code here's a zip of that as well.

Some general comments:

  • I used a cheap headset mic on the PowerPoint portions and a much better one on the code portions, hence the sound quality difference. I think both sound pretty good, with the "worse" of the two making me sound a bit like I shoved the mic up my nose. This is also the lowest audio quality setting in Captivate, but don't let all my hemming and hawing scare you off; it actually sounds quite good.

  • The Captivate slides that involved the web browser and in one case the code didn't seem to refresh properly when I went from one screen to another or scrolled the code. Not a major deal, just realize that at the end when I said "you successfully logged in" and the screen still shows "your login failed," I'm not losing my mind.

  • It's a big file, but it's about an hour long so it's a pretty reasonable size considering how much I rambled.

  • I've had plans to do this for months but never found the time to write up a formal script as I wanted to, so I decided to wing it and get it out there rather than wait for time that was never going to come to perfect the prose. What's a few "ums" among friends anyway?

I had fun doing this and already have plans to do a few more, so I hope those of you interested in Mach-II find this useful. I'll keep the future ones a bit more focused and therefore shorter or I'll split long ones out into sections to keep the file size smaller. Let me know what you think!


What hit me first thing this morning that I need to add is a diagram at the end of the code section to show how all the objects relate to one another. I'll get that added tonight and integrate it into the presentation but also make it available as a separate download for those who have already downloaded the 49 MB beast.

Hey Matt,
I'm in the middle of your presentation right now and I have to say that I'm in love with the idea so far. I am on of those top down coders but I'm looking to branch out. Thanks for putting this together!


I just finishing watching your "Head First Mach-ii" presentation all the way through, and I plan on watching it again. It was very well done, and I would like to add that I am GLAD you decided not to script everything out. I prefer the style you presented in -- it was a nice conversational tone. Save yourself the time of worrying about scripting things out in the future and just let'em rip!

I've been on the look out for additional Mach-ii captivate presentations so I look forward to the next one. Keep up the great work, and honestly, thank you very much for your efforts.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

MachBlog: A Mach-II/ColdSpring Blog Application

Quick sneak peek screenshot of MachBlog, the Mach-II and ColdSpring blog that Peter Farrell and I have been working on (rather leisurely) over the past few months.


So why another blog application? It started out as me wanting to have a good, semi-full-blown sample app for Mach-II. Then I got into ColdSpring so I thought I better include that. Then I thought, "Hey, this is turning into an actual blog app!" Then Peter got his hands on it and went to town so we're committed to making this far more than just a sample app at this point.

More soon--we're hoping to have a beta available around cf.objective() time.


Cool, Matt. I'm looking forward to seeing the MachBlog in action.


Have you thought about tying in Reactor?

Either way, I'd love to start on my blogging venture (to start soon) with MachBlog!

Will this be a free blog?


It looks great! If you need a tester, let me know! :)


Ben--thanks, and we'll of course be very appreciative of any comments you may have after we make the application available.

Sami--I thought about including Reactor in the mix as well but that's not on the roadmap at this point. One reason is because at first this was meant to be a sample application that people could study, so being able to see how things like DAOs work is still kind of important to me. We may reconsider in the future.

Ryan--thanks for volunteering to test. We'll need lots and lots of testing I'm sure! ;-)

Should have mentioned a few more things. This will be an open source, free application that we're distributing under the Apache 2.0 license. It will be i18n ready out of the gate and we're making it darn easy to skin as well. We have some other neat features planned and we'll detail those as we get closer to a beta release.

FYI, my blog is in desparate need of an upgrade and thus one reason why I've been trying to put a couple of hours in on the weekends to get this done. When I say deparate, I mean it. Between MachBlog, ColdFusion Weekly, preparing for the cf.Objetive() conference and "real" work -- I got a lot on my plate. Hopefully Matt and I will get a beta done by the conference.

Secondly, I have a lot of content on my blog in BlogCFC - so I hope to write a conversion script...(Matt, I'll add that to the To-Do list)

Next on the plate is an updated website for Mach-II...Matt shall we?

(Matt you're going to have to get up an Amazon Wishlist ;-)

I've been looking around at different blogs while I wait on the powers that be to finish working on my laptop. :( It looks great so far and I'm anxious to see it in action!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Going to cf.objective()? Want to be on the ColdFusion Weekly Podcast?

Now that the ColdFusion Weekly podcast is an official go (we even have a house band lined up!) we'd like to start queueing up people who'd like to be interviewed, starting with folks who will be at the KILLER cf.objective() Conference coming up on March 11-12. Be there, be there, do whatever you have to do to be there!

So, if you're a speaker, attendee, or otherwise interested party and want to get on the podcast please e-mail me and we'll start getting people lined up. We'll have to start figuring out how we're going to actually do this at the conference but the innaugural podcast will be a cf.objective() roundup along with some other cool segments we have planned.

Even if you don't want to be interviewed but want to pose a question to the CF community while you're at the conference, grab me and we'll take a quick recording of you for inclusion on the podcast. I want there to be a lot of different voices on the show each week!


This will be good. No offence to some of the other podcasts, but they seem to suffer from a lack of effort.

Since you're one of those guys that just doesn't DO things--he OVERdoes them--I'm sure this'll be spectacular! Let us know when you're live!

Though I've been using CF since 1997, this will be my first year at cf.Objective(). I'd be glad to be included in the podcast.

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

RFC: ColdFusion Weekly Podcast

Although we already have two very nice podcasts in CF land with Helms and Peters Out Loud and the ColdFusion Podcast, I'm just arrogant enough to think that the CF world might like to hear what I have to say in a podcast form. I have a partner in crime tenatively lined up so once we nail down some details we'll make a more official announcement. We've discussed the format of the show a bit and want it to be fun, but most of all to make this work we'll need the participation of the CF community.

So what do I mean by that? Well, given that this is a podcast we can't have a live call-in show, but we can do the next best thing and have you send in audio files (or plain text emails if you want to kick it 1996 ...) with your questions and comments, and we'll play them on the show and do the best we can to answer your CF issues. We'll also have interviews, in-depth topic discussions, and other fun stuff like a weekly code puzzle. Think "Car Talk" for CF and you'll start picturing where we'd like to see this go.

So why the pre-announcement? Mostly because I'd like to get feedback on where you'd like to see this go and if this would be of interest. I think the "call-in" portion could be really fun, and if we get enough interest we'll give away some CF schwag as prizes for the puzzle section of the show. I see bad jokes, I see interviews, I see guest hosts, I see lots of directions this could go, but most of all I'd want this to be something a bit different than the two podcasts already out there, and I'd love to have as much participation from the community as is feasible.


I would be happy to come on and talk about ColdSpring.

Excellent! We have our first official guest. Thanks Kurt!

Another CF podcast would be wonderful. There are more than two good CF websites, so it stands to reason that the earth can handle more than two good CF podcasts.

There are actually three good CF podcasts out there. The third is Coldfusion Muse. Mark's topics sometimes range a little further afield and cover general IT consulting topics, but he has put out some nice CF stuff as well. A few weeks ago there was a really good episode on how to use some open source CF apps to launch a functional, content based website in just a few hours.

But why stop at 3? The ones that exist now only cover about half of my weekly commute, so there's definately room in MY listening schedule for a 4th :)

Thanks Seth, I wasn't aware of the third one. I'll add it to my feed list, and with the new one we'll try to fill up your commute a little more!

Matt, I'm the partner in crime and I hope I'm not tenative...

Anyways, exciting stuff to come. Matt and I did a little more planning today over IM. It really is difference collaborating with someone with just email and IM.


Thanks Peter, wasn't thinking of you as tentative, I just didn't want to say anything without checking with you first!

We're looking to getour first episode online immediately after cf.objective(). More details soon.

Lol, I know Matt - you're always cutting me out of the loop...wink.

Yeppers, I'm leaking that our first cast looks to be release after Cf.Objective(). Wonder what that might have in it? (hehe)

I'm happy to whore myself out in the name of BlogFusion if you're interested! :)

Seriously, I'd love to hear what you have to say! Looking forward to the podcast.

Ping me when you need BlogFusion giveaways... I have somet stuff.

Very cool Jake, much appreciated! We'll take whatever whoring we can get. ;-)

Matt, how about a live chatroom during the show, where we can all rag on everything you say?