Saturday, August 19, 2006

The New CFDJ Editorial Board

I'm very excited to announce that I'm now on the editorial board of the ColdFusion Developer's Journal. If you have suggestions, complaints, article ideas, articles (!), and things you'd like to see in CFDJ, please pass them along to me (matt at mattwoodward dot com). This will be a bit of a rebirth for CFDJ and we want to make it the journal that CF users want it to be.



Hi Matt,

Congratulations! Between this and the Senate, you're clearly now at the pinnacle of two of the major US power structures (at least as far as CF developers are concerned). Could a run for senior office be far behind? Perhpas you could displace John Stweart on the McCain ticket for VP?!

No doubt I'll be bugging you about adding the occasional advanced OO or application generation article down the line.

Best Wishes,


Many congratulations too. Maybe you can get help me received the electronic version of the CFDJ that I signed up (and paid for) but never seemed to get delivered as promised (despite sending lots of emails into outer space)! ;-)

Good luck.

Tom (the guy currently working in Thailand who had (until Mr Hastings knocked me off!) the South Park avitar on your CF Weekly Frappr map.

My mian gripe is that they can never seem ti get the issues out on schedule. It is no August and I just got the June late last week. In all honesty, I have yet to figure out how they keep selling ad space. I got my June issue on August 18th and it had an ad for the CF event in New York on the 14th. This was the last issue of my subscruption and I still haven't decided if I will renew. For what they charge per issue they could at least get me my issue during the first part of the month in which it is titled.

Hi Bryan--one of the MAJOR things we're trying to repair is the lagging schedule. You'll see improvements on this point in the very near future.

Some of us have a "full plate". You, Matt, have 2 or 3 full plates. ;)

Anyway, it seems CFDJ may be feeling a little heat from the Fusion Authority Quarterly Update.

One suggestion I'd like to make is to either tighten the focus of articles a little more or give more space for certain articles. This suggestion is based on what seems like numerous comments in the article to the effect of "I wish I had more space to explain further...'

For a newstand price of $9 an issue I think they could afford to put more than 50 pages in an issue if necessary. I honestly don't think having an issue hit 60 pages would break the bank. For example, I hate it when they have an article that references code, but then the code isn't in the magazine, you have download it. 9 out of 10 times I'm not sitting in front of a computer while I read the articles the first time and at the per issue price i don't think I should have to spend more money to use my paper and ink to print out the code. Just as an FYI, I tend to read all the articles away from the computer and then ones I want experiment with, need to actually type out the code to fully understand the concepts, etc. I will go back through in front of the computer and actually create it as I go.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Mr. Woodward Goes to Washington

I'm extremely pleased to announce that I've accepted a position as Principal Information Technology Specialist with the Office of the Sergeant at Arms at the United States Senate. I'll be moving out to Washington, DC later this month. It's a bit hard to leave Dallas after being here for 14 years, but this is a fantastic opportunity with a great bunch of people, and I absolutely love the DC area, so I'm very excited about the road ahead!


Congrats Matt! Didn't you just move like a week or two ago?

Actually I did move about two weeks ago, just a few miles away. My house sold so the timing wasn't perfect. ;-)

Congrats Matt now that it's public news! Now if you only were working at the IRS...

Is this going to impact our recording time with the podcast? I'm going to have think now with a timezone difference!

Congrats Matt. Welcome to DC!

Congratulations! Hope the job is everything you envision. PLEASE, keep doing ColdFusion Weekly podcast.

Congrats Matt! Sounds like you will be local for CFUnited now. :)

Kurt, everyone can stay at my place for CFUnited now! ;-)

Thanks for the welcome Jonathan. I really love the area so I'm looking forward to being there full time.

Doug, at this point we have no plans to stop doing the podcast. Peter will just have to adjust to a real time zone.


We sure will miss your presence here in DFW. Best of luck to you, and make sure to send some good insider stories back to Big D!


Thanks Dave, and thanks again for taking over the DFW CFUG. They're in good hands! I'll be happy to visit meetings via Breeze now and again if you find yourself in a bind for a speaker.

Matt, welcome to this side of the US. I hope you'll consider joining the MD CFUG.

Thanks Christian! I'm definitely planning on hitting some meetings of the MD CFUG, hopefully regularly once I get settled.

well, now i at least know why i didn't get so much as a phone call in response to my resume submission. "regular folk" like me didn't stand a chance :)

it all works out tho. i'm actually heading west in a few weeks to start working at ESRI in Redlands, CA. Looking forward to it.

Congrats! :)

Hi Matt,

Congratulations! Best of luck with the move and the new position.

Best Wishes,

Congrats dude!

Awesome man, congrats!

Congratulations. I hope you enjoy traffic...

Congratulations on the new job with ESRI Charlie. One of our CFUG members here in Dallas works for ESRI (he works from home) and really likes it. They do some really cool stuff.

My wife is from Redlands, CA so I've been out there a few times (got married there actually!); it's a really great area so you should really enjoy it.

Nice to hear from you Jim! The traffic out there is indeed horrible, but that's what trains are for. I'll only drive in that mess if I absolutely have to.


Congratulations! That is awesome. I lived in the DC area for a few years and it is a cool place to live. The traffic does indeed suck so I would recommend living as close to where you work as possible and/or as close to the nearest metro station as possible.

Any chance you can get the Senate to use BoardFusion? ;)


Welcome to the beltway! Have you found a place to live yet? If not I recommend RockVegas (aka Rockville, MD).

So, should we expect a US Senate Adobe User Group launching in the near future?

Anyway, it's great to have you in town. Feel free to drop me a line if you need anything. I was born and raised in the area so I know my way around.

Is it too soo to solicit you to speak at the DoS AUG?

Thanks Adam--I'm sure I'll have some questions as I get situated so I'll probably be in touch.

Never too soon to hit me up to speak. Let me get settled and I'll get in touch with you about that as well.

Congratulations - we've worked closely with the Senate for years, so it'll be great to see you there. Jason Blum has been a terrific help to the CF team, too.

Congratulations, Matt, and welcome to the DC area.

I second Christian's sentiment: it would be great to see you at the MDCFUG once you're settled in.


Congratulations on the job. It looks like a fantastic opportunity, and we're all very proud of (and proud to know) you. They're fortunate to have you, as well.



Congrats Matt!

Congrats Matt - although I must admit i have no idea what the Office of the Sergeant at Arms does ;) (Sorry, i'm aussie)

Congrats Matt,
I'll hold off on asking about BoardFusion again while you get settled.

I love the irony of efficient ColdFusion in inefficient Washington.


Yeah, so what does that title mean? Sound better than eVisioneer or whatever... ;-)

Congrats Matt and welcome to my hometown! You'll love it here in DC. If you get a chance try and stop by and visit us here at AboutWeb out in Rockville.

Nice one Koby--"visioneer" was indeed one of the more interesting job titles I've had. I believe the typical reaction from people was, "Cool. What the hell does it mean?" :-)

Javier--thanks for the welcome!

Sweet gig. Have fun out there.


Know where you're going to settle yet? NoVa's a lot closer to the Senate than MD.
And... How about getting a NoVa CF user group going? MDCFug is great, but Rockville is a pain to get to in this traffic, and WAMMO usually meets in the morning on a weekday.

Hi Kris--I'm settling in Alexandria, VA, at least initially. Seems like a great area and it's not too bad of a metro ride to work.

Hadn't thought (yet) about a new CFUG out there but if there's a need I'd be up for a discussion about it.

Nice one Matt! hope you enjoy DC.