Wednesday, September 20, 2006

BlueDragon 7 Beta 1 Available

Just a quick note to help spread the word--BlueDragon 7 Beta 1 is available. More info here:


Though I have BlueDragon and a 1 yr upgrade contract I am not very enthoused about this beta release. It still does not have the features that CF 7 has and Adobe has recently announced the upcoming release of CF8. If I had known that New Atlanta was soo behind and that way over half way throught 2006 it version 7 would only be in beta I would have chosen CF7 a year ago.

Thanks for the notice however.

To be fair--and I don't want to turn this into a big "CF vs. BD" ordeal--BD 7 has some things in it that CF 7 doesn't have. In my opinion having the choice is good, and depending on what features you are specifically referring to, one choice may make more sense than another.

I wonder if Adobe will release a .net version? It seems like it would be a good offensive move. If they don't, it seems BlueDragon will start making some real inroads. I don't own either one, (although I feel loyalty for Adobe/macromedia and don't want MS to own it all) but it seems like new atlanta's .net version has some real advantages with windows and MS sql server integration. It also seems inevitable that .net2.0 will continue to grow.

I hope the troubles with 6.0 weren't enough to make Macradobe too gun shy to try another port of the code...this time to .net2.0. If they do it right, New Atlanta would be in trouble.


I agree that having the choice between BD and CF is good. With the purchase of Macromedia and Interakt, Adobe is on the path to becoming the next Microsoft. BD 7 has some things that CF 7 doesn't, but BD 7 still doesn't have event gateways and remoting.

Besides, features such as interfaces, abstract cfcs and the null keyword seem irrelevant to CFMX. Since CF is a loose typed language if we use duck typing we don't need the null keyword or interfaces. Interfaces are for getting around not having the null keyword and the null keyword is for getting around strict typing, right? I'm just learning OOP and it doesn't all make sense to me yet, but that's what I understand.

My only point is that just as Adobe announces CF8, NA finally releases a beta for BD7. While I could get excited that NA is finally catching up with CF7, I know that CF8 is on the horizon and it will be another year and a half before BD catches up with 8 - just in time for Adobe to announce CF9.

Friday, September 1, 2006

JRun = JRan?

Interpret as you will. Let the wild, random speculation begin!

JRun 4.5 Beta Closed


Maybe, just for a moment and an insane idea, that there was a new version of JRun that was being tested by people. Lets take it a further step into the strange and say that this test is done and they are ready to use it in something. Maybe that something is ColdFusion.

Naaaa, too strange and far fetched an idea. :)

Hmmm... just to add some more wild randomness:

We had some Adobe pre-sales guys in here to talk about Flex recently, and here's what they said:

The Flex development team works on BEA Weblogic. Of course, this came out just after we told them we were using Weblogic, so... grain of sand?

They were very interested in knowing whether we had any plans to use or investigate JBoss in the near future?

Thing is, Adobe will always need some kind of J2EE server to use as a default for people who just want a simple install. Whether that has to be JRun is another question.