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Government Scorpio Event and CHUG News

Tim Buntel just blogged about what looks to be a great government event for Scorpio on May 17. Coincidentally (OK, not so coincidentally ...), the inaugural meeting of the Capitol Hill User Group (CHUG) is on that same day, so we are extremely pleased that Ben Forta, Tim Buntel, and Adam Wayne Lehman will be our guests at our first meeting. Couldn't have planned the timing better if we tried!

I Can't Stand Technology Journalists Who Don't Know What They're Talking About

Calling Adobe's recently announced move to open source Flex "a sign of desperation from Adobe," Dana Blankenhorn's blog post not only shows he doesn't know what he's talking about, but the post quickly disintegrates into random, non-sensical paraphrased Reagan quotes addressed at the recording industry. He clearly doesn't "get" open source, and he certainly doesn't know what Flex is when he calls it Adobe's "tool for building Flash animations."
You're a technology blogger (ostensibly at any rate), Mr. Blankenhorn. Do some research, know what you're talking about at least at a high level, and maybe take a course or two to learn how to stay on topic and write coherently.
No, this has nothing to do with his attempt to make open source sound like a bad business decision, and I personally am not deep enough in the Flex ecosystem that I really care one way or another. It has to do with caring enough about one's …

Capitol Hill User Group (CHUG)

Just a quick announcement that the Capitol Hill User Group (affectionately abbreviated as "CHUG") is official now, and the new site is live. We're having our inaugural meeting on May 17 and tentatively have a couple folks from Adobe lined up to talk about Scorpio, so we'll be geting off to a great start.
The web site is running on the UG application I've mentioned a couple of times on ColdFusion Weekly and on my blog. It's not 100% done yet but I should be completing it before too long! It will be open source, it runs on Mach-II and ColdSpring, and like MachBlog it's skinnable and i18n ready. I have a couple of volunteers helping me finish it up so look for another announcement about it soon.