Sunday, June 24, 2007

CF 8 - "ColdFusion is Not Defined" JavaScript Error

This is akin to the old issue with accessing ColdFusion's scripts directory from your CF applciations when you put things in non-default places, but I was trying to use the new HTML cfgrid tonight and all it would show me is what looked like an <hr /> where the grid was supposed to be. So I fired up FireBug (which as much as I'm hating Firefox these days is still an indispensable tool) and got the error "ColdFusion is not defined."

Turns out that based on how I had Apache and the rest of my machine set up, there was no alias that would allow the web server to get to /CFIDE from the virtual host I was using. A simple addition of Alias /CFIDE /Library/WebServer/Documents/CFIDE took care of the issue. Just blogging this in case anyone else was mystified by it.


I had the same error,I cant underastand what you actually mean by this,there is already a mapping to my cfide folder.can you give more details

This doesn't have anything to do with CF mappings, it's a directory alias issue. If you're on Apache do as I outlined in the blog post; if you're on IIS, add a virtual directory called CFIDE to your site and point it to your CFIDE directory.

Setting up a virtual directory to the CFIDE folder does exactly the same thing as mapping the folder in CF only mapping it gives access to that mapping from a global level. If it is mapped in CF, there isn't a good reason why one should have to use a virtual directory in IIS.

@RoninKrys--not true. If the non-CF code needs to be able to hit /CFIDE to get at things like the javascript files, then having a mapping in CF doesn't do you any good.

I was also having the same issue. I messed around with it and discovered that if I added my cfwindow tag back into my code, - - the error went away and it's working again.

Thank you. Worked as you directed. I have a local development in Apache and a production in IIS. I already had the virtual directory set up in IIS; Apached was throwing me.

Just add the Ajax Library ...


That's all ...

On Apache Tomcat I've managed to make it work by adding to WEB-INF/cfusion/lib/neo-runtime.xml something like:


Matt, your blog isn't allowing the entire code to be seen, so i'm replacing by ( and ) ...

(var name='CFFormScriptSrc')(string)/NAME_OF_THE_WEBAPP/CFIDE/scripts/(/string)(/var)

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