Sunday, June 17, 2007

No, Mach-II Is Not Dead

No, Mach-II is not dead. Far from it. I'm not sure why this seems to come up every six months or so, but I think Sean Corfield covers things pretty well so I just wanted to add a few thoughts to his blog post.

First, Mach-II isn't dead, it's actually growing by leaps and bounds. Not only do we see more uptake and great activity on our Google Group, but we're very close to an official beta release of Mach-II 1.5 which adds a ton of great features. We also already have several things on the roadmap for Mach-II 2.0.

Next, we've expanded the community aspects of Mach-II by making the source code publicly available via Subversion, and adding more members to the Mach-II team other than Peter and myself, including Kurt Wiersma as our resident geek (hey, that's the title he wanted), Dave Shuck as our community manager, and Kyle Hayes as our designer.

Finally, we have a new web site that's about to launch, lots of new documentation in the works, and a lot of other cool stuff in the works that we're not quite ready to talk about yet. In short, we've been working very hard over the last few months, so there's no need to fear for Mach-II's demise. If anything we're more active with Mach-II than we've been at any time in the past, and in my opinion version 1.5 is the most significant release of Mach-II since it was created.

We're committed to Mach-II. Everyone involved with Mach-II uses the framework heavily, there are a lot of large implementations of Mach-II projects, and we already have a roadmap in place for well into 2008. So rather than speculate that it's dead simply because we haven't updated the web site in a while, if you're interested in Mach-II, please join the Google Group. It's the best place to get the latest information about Mach-II, and given the active discussion there you'll see Mach-II is anything but dead.

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