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What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love, and Understanding Design Patterns?

There have been some rumblings the last few days about the use of design patterns in the ColdFusion world, all of which seem to have been prompted by Brian Rinaldi's post on the Gateway pattern and its use (some say misuse) in ColdFusion. As usual with things of this nature the discussion got rather heated so I thought I'd add some fuel to the fire. The building's burning down anyway, so what the heck. Actually I love discussions like this because in my opinion anything that gets people this riled up is a good thing. When you question aspects of development at a very fundamental level you either come out of it with a completely different view, or it strengthens your beliefs in the way you're already doing things. Either way much is learned through the process.In any discussion of design patterns, we must first turn to The Holy Book of Design Patterns, namely Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Architecture by Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph…

"Invisible Software," RIAs, and ColdFusion

I saw reference to an article by Robert X. Cringely entitled "An AIR of Invisibility: Adobe has Microsoft in its sights" on Brian Rinaldi's blog, and I'm very glad I did. Robert Cringely is consistently one of the most insightful tech writers and thinkers working today, which is quite contrary to this kind of totally nonsensical, worthless garbage that seems to be the bulk of tech "journalism" online these days, so I'm always interested in what he has to say. In this particular article he discusses the concept of "invisible software," Adobe's products that fall strongly into this category (namely the Adobe Reader and the Flash Player), and what this may mean for the future of Rich Internet Applications as well as their extension onto the desktop.I strongly recommend reading Cringely's article, but to summarize, "invisible" software is software that is so ubiquitous that you don't even think about it anymore. It…

Two New CFUG Sites on CHUG App

Two ColdFusion User Group sites--the Bay Area CFUG run by Sean Corfield, and the Boston CFUG run by Brian Rinaldi--recently launched using the user group management application I created for the Capitol Hill User Group. Sean also very graciously contributed some fixes to the code before he went live with it.
Just pointing this out again if you're in need of a user group management app. Also if you want to dive in and help with the code on the project, just let me know.

Just a quick note to let you know that we're using CHUG over here for the Scottish ColdFusion User Group site.
Posted by Stephen Moretti @ 9/25/07 3:10 AM