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Sys-Con's Sour Grapes

I want to highlight one little gem from Sys-Con's press release concerning their decision to stop publishing CFDJ:
"We have seen a rapid trend and move from ColdFusion to other emerging rich web technologies such as AJAX, Flex, and Silverlight," said Engin Sezici of SYS-CON Media. "We have been observing this migration most recently in the last twelve months."
Anyone who listens to Sys-Con as an authoritative source with respect industry trends is making a big mistake. The fact that Sys-Con is saying people are moving away from CF to other technologies such as AJAX, Flex, and Silverlight shows quite well that they don't know what the hell they're talking about, since these other technologies are not even the same type of technology as CF, not to mention the fact that CF plays extremely nicely with AJAX and Flex. Pure genius, Sys-Con. What's the matter, having trouble finding people who know what's going on who are willing to work with…

Tap Dancing On the Grave of CFDJ

Please note that the comments that follow are my own. When I refer to the CFDJ editorial board I am not speaking for anyone on the board, but am merely making reference to the general sentiment among some members of the board and the general direction things were headed on the board prior to the announcement that Sys-Con was ceasing production of CFDJ.
I find it simultaneously funny, irritating, sad, and wholly appropriate that I first learned of the demise of ColdFusion Developer's Journal in the blogosphere. I gave Sys-Con far too much credit thinking they might let the CFDJ editorial board, of which I was a member, know that they're killing the publication. Others have echoed many of the thoughts I have about the situation, but I do want to offer my own perspective as a former member of the editorial board.As Brian Rinaldi explained, the editorial board--such as it was--didn't serve as an advisory board at all, but rather was seen as a standing pool of free l…