Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mach-II 1.5 Modules

One of the great new features in Mach-II 1.5 is modules, which is handy way to drop reusable functionality into Mach-II applications. The great thing about modules is that it can be a little bit of code, like maybe an authentication module, or a full-blown application like, oh, I don't know, a blog maybe?

As a proof of concept, we dropped MachBlog into the Mach-II 1.5 web site as a module, and with some relatively minor tweaking by Peter, MachBlog works like a champ as a module. (Remember that MachBlog was written before Mach-II 1.5 so it wasn't surprising that we needed to tweak some things, which were more or less limited to using Mach-II 1.5's new BuildUrl() method to get the module links to work correctly.)

So what are you waiting for? Go check out the new Team Mach-II Blog, powered by MachBlog and Mach-II 1.5, on the brand-new mach-ii.com!

New Mach-II Web Site, Mach-II 1.5 Beta Available

I'm very pleased to announce that we launched the new Mach-II web site tonight! The design for the site was done by Kyle Hayes and we all did our part putting the new site together. We still have a lot of work to do on documentation, but we feel this is a big step towards where we see the framework going in the next year or so.

If you haven't looked at Mach-II 1.5 yet, or haven't looked at Mach-II at all, now's a great time to check it out. We'll have a lot to say at the Frameworks BOF at CFUnited tomorrow night as well so stop by if you're in the area!


Awesome. I'm really looking forward to playing with 1.5.

This is great news, congrats. I am getting some weirdness on the site at the moment however. It looks like one or several background images are not showing (at least not on Firefox on Mac)

What a difference! One thing I am noticing is that the top background doesn't extend across the top in Safari, although it seems to look fine in Firefox and IE. I think it might have to do with the image position only being defined in one axis, but I haven't confirmed that.

Oops! I actually posted that last comment. Brian R, it looks OK for me in Firefox, but not Safari.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

CF 8 - "ColdFusion is Not Defined" JavaScript Error

This is akin to the old issue with accessing ColdFusion's scripts directory from your CF applciations when you put things in non-default places, but I was trying to use the new HTML cfgrid tonight and all it would show me is what looked like an <hr /> where the grid was supposed to be. So I fired up FireBug (which as much as I'm hating Firefox these days is still an indispensable tool) and got the error "ColdFusion is not defined."

Turns out that based on how I had Apache and the rest of my machine set up, there was no alias that would allow the web server to get to /CFIDE from the virtual host I was using. A simple addition of Alias /CFIDE /Library/WebServer/Documents/CFIDE took care of the issue. Just blogging this in case anyone else was mystified by it.


I had the same error,I cant underastand what you actually mean by this,there is already a mapping to my cfide folder.can you give more details

This doesn't have anything to do with CF mappings, it's a directory alias issue. If you're on Apache do as I outlined in the blog post; if you're on IIS, add a virtual directory called CFIDE to your site and point it to your CFIDE directory.

Setting up a virtual directory to the CFIDE folder does exactly the same thing as mapping the folder in CF only mapping it gives access to that mapping from a global level. If it is mapped in CF, there isn't a good reason why one should have to use a virtual directory in IIS.

@RoninKrys--not true. If the non-CF code needs to be able to hit /CFIDE to get at things like the javascript files, then having a mapping in CF doesn't do you any good.

I was also having the same issue. I messed around with it and discovered that if I added my cfwindow tag back into my code, - - the error went away and it's working again.

Thank you. Worked as you directed. I have a local development in Apache and a production in IIS. I already had the virtual directory set up in IIS; Apached was throwing me.

Just add the Ajax Library ...


That's all ...

On Apache Tomcat I've managed to make it work by adding to WEB-INF/cfusion/lib/neo-runtime.xml something like:


Matt, your blog isn't allowing the entire code to be seen, so i'm replacing by ( and ) ...

(var name='CFFormScriptSrc')(string)/NAME_OF_THE_WEBAPP/CFIDE/scripts/(/string)(/var)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

User Group Management Application

I've had several people email me recently about the user group management application I created for the Capitol Hill User Group (CHUG), so rather than delay availability until I have time to finish it, I thought I'd post the Google Code URL so you can grab it if you're interested, warts and all. It uses Mach-II and ColdSpring so you'll need those frameworks to run the app.

You can access the code using your favorite SVN client from here:


Some caveats:

  • It's not done, so if you click on something and it doesn't work, either I didn't get to it or it's a bug

  • MySQL is the only database supported at the moment

And the good news:

  • The important parts such as managing meetings, people, RSVPs, and news work. I'm using it to run my UG as is and it gets the job done.

  • It's skinnable in similar fashion to MachBlog, so you can make it look however you want

  • It's i18n ready (although English is the only language bundle included)

If you're interested in getting involved with the project please let me know. I think it could become a nice little app, but I'll be honest and let everyone know that this is probably the lowest item on my priority list at the moment, so I'll only be completing the incomplete features as I have time. Even as is it should serve most purposes pretty well.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

No, Mach-II Is Not Dead

No, Mach-II is not dead. Far from it. I'm not sure why this seems to come up every six months or so, but I think Sean Corfield covers things pretty well so I just wanted to add a few thoughts to his blog post.

First, Mach-II isn't dead, it's actually growing by leaps and bounds. Not only do we see more uptake and great activity on our Google Group, but we're very close to an official beta release of Mach-II 1.5 which adds a ton of great features. We also already have several things on the roadmap for Mach-II 2.0.

Next, we've expanded the community aspects of Mach-II by making the source code publicly available via Subversion, and adding more members to the Mach-II team other than Peter and myself, including Kurt Wiersma as our resident geek (hey, that's the title he wanted), Dave Shuck as our community manager, and Kyle Hayes as our designer.

Finally, we have a new web site that's about to launch, lots of new documentation in the works, and a lot of other cool stuff in the works that we're not quite ready to talk about yet. In short, we've been working very hard over the last few months, so there's no need to fear for Mach-II's demise. If anything we're more active with Mach-II than we've been at any time in the past, and in my opinion version 1.5 is the most significant release of Mach-II since it was created.

We're committed to Mach-II. Everyone involved with Mach-II uses the framework heavily, there are a lot of large implementations of Mach-II projects, and we already have a roadmap in place for well into 2008. So rather than speculate that it's dead simply because we haven't updated the web site in a while, if you're interested in Mach-II, please join the Google Group. It's the best place to get the latest information about Mach-II, and given the active discussion there you'll see Mach-II is anything but dead.