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I'm an Adobe Community Expert (Again)!

I'm late in announcing this but I do want to say thanks to Adobe for allowing me to participate in the Adobe Community Experts program again. Looking forward to evangelizing ColdFusion wherever and whenever I can!

and the senate's thought police?
Posted by PaulH @ 1/23/08 8:18 PM

We got that all worked out. ;-) It actually turns out that programs like this are OK under the ethics rules.
Posted by Matt Woodward @ 1/24/08 4:32 AM

Congrats Matt. Well deserved.
Posted by Bernie Dolan @ 1/24/08 4:46 AM

geez, wait, oh my...i feel an "i told you so" coming on ;-)
Posted by PaulH @ 1/24/08 5:06 AM

Congrats, Matt! Glad to hear it.
Posted by Fitz @ 1/25/08 9:06 AM

Congrats Matt!
Posted by Sam Farmer @ 1/25/08 11:29 AM