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Reminder: Call or Send In Your Questions for Vince Bonfanti on Open Source BlueDragon

Just a quick reminder that on Wednesday, March 26 ColdFusion Weekly is interviewing Vince Bonfanti, President of New Atlanta about the recent announcement that the J2EE edition of BlueDragon will soon be open-sourced.
Have a question about why New Atlanta is doing this? What their motivation is? What this means for the CF community? Why they chose the license they did? Something else entirely? Then call or send it in! Call user cfweekly on Skype, call 469-293-3820 from a plain old phone, or email us at podcast at coldfusionweekly dot com. Why speculate when you can ask Vince directly?

Audacity: Why Free Software is Better Than Proprietary Software

My annoying travails with Cubase continue. I decided to give it an honest effort to release a very short podcast just making a couple of announcements tonight, and the editing experience was a far cry from Adobe Audition (running the Windows VM for this stuff is starting to look better and better). Not nearly as intuitive as Audition, no ripple delete function from what I can tell, just overall not good. Again, I was making an honest effort before I throw the product out the window (because no, they won't take it back; they claim the use of the dongle is "well documented" and I should have known before purchasing that it worked this way).
So after I made a couple of cuts I went to export the file to MP3 format. Even exporting completely sucked--it wouldn't export anything unless I manually set the left and right markers. Why the hell can't it just export everything intelligently and figure out when there's no remaining audio?
I wasn't totally s…

Princeton Researcher Faces Legal Action if He Tests Voting Machine Security

This is just horrendously disturbing. What the heck do these people have to hide? Makes ya think, don't it? I hope this guy does it anyway--more attention needs to be brought to this situation.

Really certainly does make you think. I think we should just push for open source voting software. Just as the Declaration of Independence is openly readable as well as all the laws, why not how our voting software works. It's not like it should be proprietary or anything.
Posted by Kyle Hayes @ 3/19/08 8:14 PM

Apparently this particular voting machine can't even do basic math correctly:
Posted by Matt Woodward @ 3/20/08 7:36 AM

Yeah, that's pretty scary.
Posted by Chris Vigliotti (hibiscusroto) @ 3/20/08 10:05 AM

I re-read this article recently, and found it disturbing as well--and relevant to this type of article
Posted by Keith Woods @ 3/25/08 3:39 AM

Cubase 4 Essential, Arcane USB Dongles, Nasty EULAs, and Proudly Proprietary Software

I decided using Windows in a VM to run Adobe Audition for editing ColdFusion Weekly was getting too annoying (even though Audition is a fantastic product), so I started looking around for some good, inexpensive audio editing and mixing software that would run natively on OS X.
The list of contenders quickly narrowed to Cubase 4 Essential and Apple Logic Express, both of which I read great things about. Since Peter uses Cubase on Windows to do his editing, I decided it might be nice if we have the same software so all the editing settings would be identical.
I ordered Cubase 4 online and my first issue was there was no download option. That's fine, maybe it's a huge download and they just don't want to get into the issues with downloads. After placing my order I was told they were out of stock (wtf?), but again, no big deal, it wasn't urgent.
I got the software yesterday and was surprised to see a USB dongle included in the box. I was even more surprised to see …

XMLSearch(), Namespaces, and Lack of Namespaces

I ran into a similar issue using xquery in SQL Server, but today I was back on the ColdFusion side of the world and had to fix it slightly differently.
In the application I'm working on I'm processing tons of XML files and depending on how they're generated, they may or may not have a namespace declared. Luckily other than that the XML structure is consistent, but XmlSearch() in CF behaves differently depending on whether or not a namespace is present.
Luckily I came across this post by Jeremy at his aftergeek blog that solved the issue for me (and to reiterate what I said in another post, I'm a bit of an xpath n00b). Using the local-name() function gets at the XML data correctly both when a namespace is present and when it isn't. So where I was previously doing this:

<cfset foo = XmlSearch(myxml, "/*/mynode").get(0).XmlText />

I'm now doing this:

<cfset foo = XmlSearch(myxml, "//*[local-name()='mynode']").get(0).XmlText …