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Open BlueDragon Steering Committee

Alan Williamson introduced the Open BlueDragon Steering Committee on his blog and I'm pleased to announce that I'm a member. I haven't blogged about my opinions on this, and I'll keep things rather minimal for now, but I think having an open source CFML engine is a very important thing for CFML as a language and can only help grow the community. To me this isn't about one CFML engine being better than another, it's about having choice and the ability to run CFML code on free software (please click that link if you see "free software" and think I mean "free of cost") that's such a huge thing for CFML developers.
I'm very excited about where this is going to take both BlueDragon as a product as well as the CFML language and community. If you want to contact me about the project you can email me at Also please join the Open BlueDragon Google Group. We're going to be talking about ways you ca…

Open BlueDragon: Official Name and New Google Group

The open source BlueDragon project now has an official name--Open BlueDragon (or OpenBD for short)--and a new Google Group! Get yourself on over there and sign up!

This is great news!
Google groups was a good choice, I think it's wonderful how we can centralize all of our information (email, documents, group affiliations) in one place.
Posted by Keith Woods @ 4/3/08 8:23 AM