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Resigning as and Adobe Community Expert

Just a quick note to let people know I have resigned as an Adobe Community Expert for ColdFusion. There will be no Q&A session. :-)

This wouldn't have anything to do with Adrock blasting you in his recent blog post, would it?
Posted by anon @ 5/30/08 5:45 AM

If this is about Adam Lehman, that guy is a complete disaster. An evangelist is supposed to bring people into the community, not drive them away!
Posted by abc @ 5/30/08 5:58 AM

If I can paraphrase a t-shirt I once saw:
"You can take the man out of 'Community Experts', but you can't take the 'Community Expert' out of the man."
Posted by Ben Nadel @ 5/30/08 6:31 AM

Yeesh - well I hope you'll still blog. You were always in the top 5 blogs I read. I hope this doesn't affect your mach-ii work either. I agree with Ben, and hope you stick with it. Communities are always going to have some bad apples / bad scenarios.
gl - noname.
Posted by noname @ 5/30/08 6:44 AM

"Hear Hear" to …

Open BlueDragon Admin Console Project

One of the first community efforts happening now that Open BlueDragon is out in the wild is developing a browser-based admin console. Due to the copyrighted materials included in the commercial BlueDragon admin console it had to be removed from OpenBD, and while editing the single bluedragon.xml file actually isn't that bad, having a nice browser-based admin console is something CFML developers are used to, and this also gives us an opportunity to build a nice API around it.
If you want to follow progress on this project, make sure and join the OpenBD Google Group since that's where the discussions will happen, and you can follow the wiki and issue tracker on Google Code to see things like the requirements and specs as we finalize those.
Finally, if you want to get involved and ESPECIALLY if you know a good UI/design person, PLEASE get in touch with me! We'd like something that's a bit slicker than the Tomcat admin console, which is what we'll end up with if…

Open BlueDragon VMWare Appliance Available

Nitai from SixSigns has created an Open BlueDragon VMWare appliance that is now available in VMWare's appliance marketplace. The appliance is built on CentOS 5.1 and includes Tomcat 5.5, MySQL 5, and Apache 2.
The VMWare appliance will run on any version of VMWare including VMWare Fusion on OS X and the free VMWare Player. This is a great, easy way to give OpenBD a try!

I'll be downloading this when I get home this evening. Adobe should be doing this with the developer edition of CF8. C'mon, Mr Forta!
Posted by Christopher Vigliotti @ 5/12/08 6:13 AM

Downloading it now, thanks for the link!
Posted by Joshua @ 5/12/08 5:12 PM

@Christoper: Dang, that's a good idea.
Posted by Joshua Curtiss @ 5/30/08 6:52 PM

Open BlueDragon and ColdFusion 8 Running Side-By-Side on Tomcat

I'll be blogging about this more in the future, complete with how-tos, but so far I'm absolutely loving what I think will be my new standard setup for CFML development.

Tomcat 6.0.16

Open BlueDragon deployed as a WAR

ColdFusion 8 deployed as a WAR (with the RDS WAR, which I haven't tested yet but I assume will mean the debugger in Eclipse will work)

The pros? It's actually easier to get up and running than installing CF separately, and I really like the notion of having Tomcat as the container for all this stuff.
I'm running this setup on both OS X and Ubuntu 8.04 and it works really, really well.
I realize I haven't said much about Open BlueDragon yet but I promise I'll have much to say about it before long. I'm just still recovering from cf.Objective(), and I still have Web Maniacs and Scotch on the Rocks in front of me.

I just saw my first BlueDragon CFML Test Page a few minutes ago. Interested in seeing where this thing will go.
Posted by…

Max Size for a CFC Method is 64K

I've seen this mentioned before but I ran into this today--the maximum size of a method (or <cffunction> if you prefer that nomenclature) is indeed 64K. Yes, this is something that should never happen, but in my defense it was a VERY easy to read, well segmented case statement, and after the initial two cases turned into four, it got a bit unwieldy. :-) Easy enough to fix with some private methods in the CFC that handle each case (and yes, there will be more apparently--gotta love ever-changing requirements), but it's nice that CF (actually this is a Java limitation when it comes down to it) doesn't let you get too nasty with your code.

It sounds like this section of code might be a good candidate for the strategy pattern. :)
Posted by Brandon Harper @ 5/10/08 10:27 PM

This size limit is smaller than it was under CF7. When we trialled CF8 some of our monster legacy code fell over. This code definitely needs to be re-factored but this would be a major …