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Moving to Seattle

This has been in the planning stages for a while, but in October I'll be moving from one Washington (DC) to the other (Washington state), specifically to Seattle or thereabouts. Through the magic of telecommuting I'll be keeping my same job with the Senate, which is fantastic because there are always lots of cool projects going on and the freedom to play with the latest technologies and gadgets.
I have a blog post in the works called "Lightweight Cross-Country Moves" because in an effort to minimize the amount of stuff I lug (or have moved) 2800 miles, as well as just to lighten the load in my life, I've gotten serious about eliminating physical possessions wherever possible. I'll post that once I have it in better shape than random thoughts and bullet points.
And no, this move has nothing to do with my love for Microsoft as some people suggested on twitter. I still hate them as much as ever. :-)

Congrats Matt! I hope it all goes well!
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File Manipulation on Windows Servers from Linux

This is more of a handy tip than anything earth-shattering, but yesterday I was faced with the task of grabbing all files with a particular extension from a nested directory structure, moving them all into a single directory, and renaming them with a different extension. I also had to be careful to preserve the original timestamp of the file.
The files reside on a Windows server, and needless to say the thought of remoting into the Windows server and spending the afternoon drilling into nested directories, sorting by file type, and manually moving and renaming the files didn't appeal to me.
One of the great things about Linux is how powerful the shell is. Let me preface this with saying I'm not a DOS expert, so maybe there's a way to do this in DOS (or PowerShell, which I've never tried), but I knew I could probably accomplish this entire task in a couple of commands in a bash shell.
Step 1 was to mount the Windows server drive:
sudo mount -t cifs //server.dns.…

CFUnited 2008 Presentations

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Scotch on the Rocks 2008 Presentations

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cf.Objective() 2008 Presentations

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