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Moving to Seattle

This has been in the planning stages for a while, but in October I'll be moving from one Washington (DC) to the other (Washington state), specifically to Seattle or thereabouts. Through the magic of telecommuting I'll be keeping my same job with the Senate, which is fantastic because there are always lots of cool projects going on and the freedom to play with the latest technologies and gadgets.

I have a blog post in the works called "Lightweight Cross-Country Moves" because in an effort to minimize the amount of stuff I lug (or have moved) 2800 miles, as well as just to lighten the load in my life, I've gotten serious about eliminating physical possessions wherever possible. I'll post that once I have it in better shape than random thoughts and bullet points.

And no, this move has nothing to do with my love for Microsoft as some people suggested on twitter. I still hate them as much as ever. :-)


Congrats Matt! I hope it all goes well!

Great news! Wherebouts are you guys planning to live? Drop me a note when you get here and I'll show you the sites.

Matt, as you know I've done one round trip international move in my life so far. Albeit to Montreal Canada, it involved moving from two locations at once -- Baltimore, MD and Minneapolis, MN. We used a self packing mover (ABF Freight UPack) for both directions. We consolidated as much as possible because you pay by the linear foot. Definitely something to think about for your move...

As a person who have just moved from DC to Orange County CA, I can understand your situation. :)

I did 3640 miles in 1 week and it was a nice trip. :)

Good luck!

@Ryan--thanks! We're coming out in a couple of weeks to look for a house. Looking in Kirkland, Bellevue, Redmond, Renton, etc. etc. at the moment. Just need to see some of the areas in person to know whether or not they'll work for us.

@Peter--thanks for the tip. We've actually been looking at ABF UPack. I assume you had good luck with them?

@Oguz--nice pictures! Your trip was even worse than ours will be!

Interesting note--the captcha letters for me on this comment are MVC :-)

Hallihallo Matt !

Since my longterm passive fellowship in our ColdFusion community, we have had several

short email contacts - remember CFHibernate :-) ?

Now I have just recognized Your comments in the onTap universe with regard to "onTap on BlueDragon" ... Has Your strategic decision to "eliminate physical possessions wherever

possible" something to do with Your wish for "onTap on BlueDragon" ?

In any case: I wish You a good physical move as well as a possible framework move :-) ...



P.S.: I am currently unsure about my own next moves - in the physical world as well as in the virtual world of (web) software apps ...

Ouch long move. At least you're trading one washington to a far better one. Since it will be a telecommute, do yourself a favour, look at being far outside the Seattle area. Hell I'd even suggest Bellingham Washington or somehwere similar. I envy you. wish I could do the same.


Yea Matt, we have used UPack twice now and have had great luck both times. Especially since both times were international moves US Canada and they simplified the customs bit quite a bit. I highly suggest that you estimate the linear feet the best you can because the penalties for being under or over by so much can add up to be quite a bit. Plus, it's cheaper to reserve 10 feet than to reserve 4 feet and then go over another 6 feet. I suggest investing in a tarp to throw over stuff before putting in the bulkhead. Rarely I've been told trailers can have leaks even though they try to use newer trailers for UPack movers. I know from my experience working at UPS that trailers can have leaks and do a lot of damage. Also, we used their terminal to terminal service since the drop off fees were expensive for the 8-10 feet we've used in the past. Also, it's worth it to invest in a bunch of commercial plastic attached lidded containers. Drug stores and many commercial businesses use these for shipping to stores. Costco used to carry these for a while -- just search for attached lidded containers.

Matt, I nearly peed my pants when I read that you were moving to Seattle. It will be wonderful to have a Mach-II guru local. Our company is located in Kirkland and has been slowly moving towards Mach-II for our heavy-weight applications. We may have to nab you for some Mach-II/OOP consulting.

Very cool Zack! More than happy to help however I can. I'll need to familiarize myself with the CFML community in the area as soon as I get there. Very much looking forward to it!

Be sure to check your cell phone coverage for this move (or any time you do cross-country travel).

Microsoft SQL Server, Mobile Edition, seems to work best with a fairly robust connection. Generally you shouldn't have trouble except in the following situations:

1) Rest areas in the midwest (Iowa, Illinois, etc) tend to use metal bathroom stalls. If you're answering nature's call at one of these rest areas and your connectivity suffers, expect degraded response when attempting complex or unoptimized queries (worse, I found the infrared sensor in the toilets can trigger the infrared port on my Motorola phone which really bogged down DB response, especially with non b-tree indexed tables)

2) Everyone is a DBA. At a truck stop in Wyoming (I believe it was a "Flying J" near Casper, if memory serves) I almost got into a tremendous row with a gang of motorcyclists-cum-analysts who insisted they could reduce the running time of one of my lengthy query operations by building a deliberately denormalized "warehouse table" for speeding up read performance. Well, as I tried to quote some C.J. Date to them, but they would hear none of it. I left in a hurry, but not without incurring several mean motorcycle-chain gashes on the hood of my 1998 Buick Regal.

With those things in mind, enjoy your trip good sir!

My wife and I just came back from Seattle on Tuesday night and we're looking to move out there as well. Best of luck with the trip. If you're looking for a drink when you roll into town, I highly recommend the Taphouse Grill...160 beers on tap and a fish sandwich to die for.


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