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Lots Going On With Open BlueDragon

I've been rather quiet about Open BlueDragon lately but that's only because everyone involved with the project is working hard towards our first versioned release! This should be coming rather shortly at which point we'll all have much more to say. Of course you've been able to use OpenBD since it was first made available (and it's all I run on my VPS now), but for those who have been waiting until a version number was put in place, you won't have to wait much longer.
In the mean time, I wanted to point out a couple of items since they come up frequently on the Open BlueDragon Google Group.
First, although it's pretty simple to drop the OpenBD WAR file on a Java server to get up and running, or use one of the preconfigured Jetty distributions, there's certainly no arguing that having an installer is a great option as well. To meet that need, Jordan Michaels of Vivio Technologies (who offer the best VPS hosting available IMO) has created an instal…