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Digging Deeper Into the Java Underpinnings of Open BlueDragon

There's been a lot of discussion on the Open BlueDragon Google Group recently (and I get similar questions emailed/IMd to me as well) concerning how CFML developers can start making sense of Open BlueDragon in the context of its deployment on a Java application server.
CFML developers as a whole aren't typically used to deploying a CFML runtime engine directly to a Java server such as Tomcat or Jetty because, particularly in the case of Adobe ColdFusion, the Java bits are more or less hidden from view. For many people that's OK, which is why we've created a ready-to-run configuration of OpenBD on Jetty, and as I mentioned previously Jordan Michaels has created an installer for OpenBD that will be very familiar to Adobe ColdFusion and commercial BlueDragon users.
Once things are up and running, many people seem to be finding themselves intrigued enough with the Java side of things that they're wanting to dig deeper. For those unfamiliar with Java, however, this …