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Open BlueDragon in the Cloud

One of the more interesting developments in application deployment recently is the concept of cloud computing. I'm sure everyone reading this blog will be well aware of what that means and entails, but if you want or need a bit of background, wikipedia is always a great start.To me the really interesting thing about cloud computing is not only its on-demand nature, but all the things you no longer have to worry about. Infrastructure is someone else's problem. Redundancy and scaling are available at the simple push of a button, or even completely automated. And the cost is ridiculously low for what you get in return.Yes, as with everything there are trade-offs, and even though to us this is all abstracted, we have to remember that somewhere all of this is being powered by physical hardware as opposed to some sort of magic. That being said, between cloud computing and the virtualization that's becoming the norm inside the data centers of most companies, particularl…

Open BlueDragon 1.0 Released!

I'm very proud to announce that after 6 months of very hard work, Open BlueDragon 1.0 is now available! The official announcement is on the Open BlueDragon blog, and there's quite a bit more functionality that isn't mentioned there. We'll have a lot more details on everything in the coming weeks.
Another big part of the release is the revamped web site and a new wiki, which will have much more content added to it in the next few weeks. For now we're using MediaWiki, which yes, is PHP-based, but it's also the best wiki software available. For now anyway. ;-) Before long we will be releasing a new open source wiki written entirely in CFML and 100% compatible with MediaWiki, which will make it painless for us (and anyone else using MediaWiki!) to transition over.
My big role in this first release has been building the admin console, which was a really enjoyable little (OK, not so little) project that had some rather interesting challenges. The admin console…