Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Open BlueDragon 1.0 Released!

I'm very proud to announce that after 6 months of very hard work, Open BlueDragon 1.0 is now available! The official announcement is on the Open BlueDragon blog, and there's quite a bit more functionality that isn't mentioned there. We'll have a lot more details on everything in the coming weeks.

Another big part of the release is the revamped web site and a new wiki, which will have much more content added to it in the next few weeks. For now we're using MediaWiki, which yes, is PHP-based, but it's also the best wiki software available. For now anyway. ;-) Before long we will be releasing a new open source wiki written entirely in CFML and 100% compatible with MediaWiki, which will make it painless for us (and anyone else using MediaWiki!) to transition over.

My big role in this first release has been building the admin console, which was a really enjoyable little (OK, not so little) project that had some rather interesting challenges. The admin console is included in the OpenBD distributions, but I'm adding one last bit of functionality today that I really wanted to have in there. Open source apps are never done. ;-)

As always I'm more than willing to answer questions, assist, do presentations either in person or online, or anything else I can to help people start using Open BlueDragon. It's a fast, lightweight, extremely capable CFML engine and I'm very proud to be a part of the project.

Enough reading, go download OpenBD 1.0 now and let us know what you think!


Now we just need VivioTech to get going and get it off the Coming Soon page! haha, i have been waiting for a reason to jump ship!

"Open source apps are never done. ;-)" and there in lies the perfect summation of open source projects.

Matt ... what can i say, but WOW, you've been a constant inspiration to us on the project and I am so proud to pulling the ship along with you.

We've only just begun ...

Congrats on the release. Looking forward to taking a look.

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