Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lots Going On With Open BlueDragon

I've been rather quiet about Open BlueDragon lately but that's only because everyone involved with the project is working hard towards our first versioned release! This should be coming rather shortly at which point we'll all have much more to say. Of course you've been able to use OpenBD since it was first made available (and it's all I run on my VPS now), but for those who have been waiting until a version number was put in place, you won't have to wait much longer.

In the mean time, I wanted to point out a couple of items since they come up frequently on the Open BlueDragon Google Group.

First, although it's pretty simple to drop the OpenBD WAR file on a Java server to get up and running, or use one of the preconfigured Jetty distributions, there's certainly no arguing that having an installer is a great option as well. To meet that need, Jordan Michaels of Vivio Technologies (who offer the best VPS hosting available IMO) has created an installer for RHEL/CentOS and has some fantastic documentation to go along with it.

Second, I've mentioned this before but if you weren't aware, there is an admin console for OpenBD and I'm putting the final touches on it this week. It's been available since day one at the Google Code site for the project, and the admin console will be included with the first versioned release of OpenBD. I have a ton of ideas for the next couple of versions of the admin console, so don't expect that project to sit still for long!

As always, if you have any questions about OpenBD head over to the Google Group or feel free to hit me up directly.


And we are appreciate your efforts you are making on the Admin front. Our first release is going to rock.

Does Transfer work?

Does Cfwheels work (needs dbinfo support)?

Any list of various framework support?


I haven't tried Transfer but I believe it works. I'm not familiar with cfwheels so I'm not sure if that will work or not, but since dbinfo is new in CF 8 I don't believe it will work on OpenBD (and wouldn't run on CF 7 either).

Mach-II and Fusebox both work out of the box. I haven't had a chance to try ColdBox yet. I believe Model-Glue has a bit of an issue since there is a render() function in the framework, and OpenBD has a render() function of its own, but apparently there's a simple workaround for that issue.

Concerning compatibility in general, OpenBD is very highly compatible with CF 7 as far as the CFML language goes. Anything that relies on new features in CF 8 that don't exist in OpenBD won't run of course, but the vast majority of CFML code out there runs fine, and we're working on full compatibility (not to mention implementing things that CF doesn't have!) as quickly as we can.

If you're curious about compatibility, since when OpenBD was released it was the exact same code as New Atlanta BlueDragon 7 J2EE, you can go to the New Atlanta site and read their compatibility guide, which outlines things that are in CF that are not in BD (and the list is rather small), as well as things in BD that are not in CF or have been enhanced as compared to CF.


Adobe is in the process of creating a language spec for CFML and if/when that comes to fruition, compatibility will be much smoother in the future since all the CFML engines will know what tags are considered core to the language and what their behavior should be.

As you can imagine it takes a lot of time to test out all the various frameworks, so if people have a chance to test them before we do, that's always very helpful. I'll put trying out the major ones on my to do list and get to them as quickly as I can.

>>I haven't tried Transfer but I believe it works.

I thought it doesn't work because it uses a special CF java service class. No?

@ziggy--that may still be true. I seem to remember when OpenBD was first announced that Mark remedied that but I may be mistaken. I don't use Transfer so I'd have to get some time to try it.